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Friday Night
I went out with a couple of buddies and we hit up a Latin club. I had just finished watching Tyler’s latest video. So my focus was just to follow the process, and I would say that I gave it about a 60% effort. So I would give my self a 6 out of 10 but I did quite a few approaches and I felt good being just present and in the moment. I did lots of approaches, but nothing really solid. As we were leaving the club I saw this cutie Latin girl and had a brief interaction with her and she left, well my wing says “run the train, run the train, run the train” Ozzie style, so I went back in got right in front her grabbed and wrapped my arms around her and just started talking in her ear and got her number as her friend was climbing all over me, trying to pull me of her. It was hilarious. I was in a great state after. We went to another club and I did a few more approaches and then went home around 3am
It was a good night
More approaches
More push and pull
More commitment
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