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Saturday Night
I meet up with my buddies outside the club that we were supposed to go to and we decided to go elsewhere, so we walked down to another club and there is a line, we wait for about 20 minutes before deciding to go else where.
We got to this other bar and there was about a 20minutes wait, so we waited in line and finally got in.
My state was low by this time and I tried to do a few approaches and got blown out, I was just too much in my head and stifled, so I walked around the bar and then left to go outside for a few minutes.
When I came back in, I saw this girl and just went in and approached her and had a good conversation, it was man to women but I couldn’t create enough sexual tension.
These guys come in (that she knew) and basically took over the set. I think, if I had created sexual tension. I would have been able to stay in set.
I did a few more approaches and then we decided to go to another bar.
I approached this women at this bar and it could have been on, but I was not attracted to her, she was giving me IOI’s and told me she lived across the bar and I could have closed her but I decide to do a few more approaches.
I winged for a long set with my buddy.
It didn’t pan out for him, then we did a few more approaches and on the way out, I saw this girl and open her and in a few minutes got her number.
We decided to call it a night, as it was around 3 am.
Get in state by doing approaches
Do more approaches
Stay present and free from outcome
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