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Saturday Night
I haven’t posted for a while as I have only gone out a couple of times in the last few weeks.
I went out last Saturday and did a few approaches just to get back in the groove of it.
Not much to report.
This Saturday, I went out with a buddy and basically walked around and talked to a few people and was too self aware for most of the night.
I was planning on leaving when my wing open up this group 2 girls and a guy,
He was talking to the single girl and as I came in I was talking to the guy and the girl thinking they were a couple, when I leaned in to introduce my self,
I asked her if that was her boyfriend and she says “no”, so I just turn her away from him and start talking to her, about an inch away from her lips, then I just go in for a kiss and a short make out.
Then I get her number and try to make it solid by vibing with her a little bit and then her friends are puling her away, so as she is going ,I say “wait’ and then try for another kiss, before her friends pull her away for good this time
So that was a good end to the night, even thought I wasn’t feeling it
I have to start going out regularly and do more approaches
Keep at it, I never know when it might happen
More approaches
Get un stifled quicker
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