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Thursday Night
I went out with a wing who, had not been out for a while, we went and got stamped at a couple of clubs. We went into the 1st club and walked around a little bit and I did a few approaches to warm up and tried to get in state, but I wasn’t feeling it just yet.
All the interactions were brief but I was trying to follow the process.
We went into the next club and it was hopping and a little overwhelming but again just tried to follow the process and did a few more approaches. In a couple of the approaches, I ran out of things to say, which is very rare for me. There was nothing really worthwhile in the interactions to go into detail
In hindsight, I realized that I was not present and was trying to force things.
In total I did about 5 or 6 approaches that I would consider following the process
I would consider this as just a warm up for the weekend
Don’t force the process, just follow it
Be present
Realize that I am sub communicating at all times

Friday Night
Went out with my wing from last night, Got stamped at the club and then decided to go to another bar as this club wasn’t busy yet.
So on the way to the bar, my wing was having a hard time as he was getting inside his head and was over analyzing things but I did a few hi fives with the girls walking and just wanted to get in the mood, while trying to help my wing.
We get in the bar and I approached this girl as she was ordering a drink and was just vibing with her as she was ordering a drink. She left after she got her drink. I re approached this girls 3 times during the night, something I hadn’t done before, the last time that I approached her, she was drunk and was out of it but I just followed my process.
I thought about getting her number but decided not to.
I approached this two set both of them were cute, so I am focusing on the one who responded to me more and I am in set for awhile and then she shows me her wedding ring.
At this point, I was thrown off my game and didn’t know how to focus on the single girl.
I realized later how I could have turned this around. I now have a reference point for how to deal with this.
I approached this other girl and she blew me off the 1st time but during the night, I re approached her another 2 times, didn’t get anywhere but I did it.
So I guess this was the theme for the night, Re-approach, Re-approach.
At this point, we decided to go back to the club and my wing is just in his head too deep and I can’t really help him, so I decide that we should call it a night
I can re-approach
Be flexible and be prepared to switch focus
More approaches

Saturday Night
Went to this club and just chilled for a while and just went through what I wanted to focus on tonight. My goals were to have strong eye contact, man to women communication and to just have fun
The highlights of the night were I had a few good interactions and was physical.
My wing wanted to approach these 2 hot Persian girls,(well actually 1of them was hot, the one that my wing liked) so we just went in and I just basically held court for a good 30mins and had them laughing ,my wing got her fb.
I had a few sets like this tonight as I realized that if I am just having fun, it’s easier for me to follow the process and approach, I am in a good mood.
I didn’t pull or get numbers but tonight I felt like “I am enough”

Have fun
Be fun to be around
Be present and more approaches
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