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Thursday Night
Went out with a buddy for a few drinks and did a few approaches. The interactions were about getting out of my head and just getting warmed up for the weekend

Friday Night
I went out with a few of my wings to Latin night at a club. I did a few approaches to warm up, got a few blow outs but just kept going. I saw this cute blonde and went in and approached her. I was just not getting anything from her, just one word answers and after a few mins, I just kind of ran out of things to say, so I ejected. A little while latter, I opened her again and she warmed up a little but still not much. A while latter I opened her again but this time, I was right in front of her and asked her for her number, she says to me, I will give you my fb, I said I don’t do fb, so she says ok… but my phone is dead, so I grab my wing and get her to put her number in his phone. I did a few approaches with a couple of girls who didn’t give me much but later they were guys who were all over them, so I think when you approach in the night matters as well. Most of the night, I was really trying to stay present and not judge the night. I would say I had about five solid interactions not counting blowouts
Be present
Be persistent
Be self amused
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