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Friday and Saturday Night
I haven’t been out for a few weeks and haven’t updated my diary. Friday night was off to a slow start but got a few approaches and was just trying to get comfortable going out approaching. It’s amazing how if I don’t go out regularly, I am in my head, which happened pretty much the whole night but at the end of the night, I did help my wing get a pull ( He couldn’t close the deal but that’s another story).
On Saturday night, went out to a bar and got started a little slow but had a few good long approaches and one approach, where it was going well but I ejected, not sure why.
So the weekend was really a warm up with just getting back in the groove. I had some good interactions but I didn’t build much attraction.
I realize that I have to buy in and commit 100% to this lifestyle and go for it

TAKEAWAYS – Need to work on the following
Approach early and often
Strong eye contact
Be present
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