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Friday Night
Went out Friday with a couple of guys, did a few warm up approaches and then got going and did a few more approaches being really present and challenging
Went to another bar next door and did a few really difficult sets like four women sitting and another 2 women sitting behind a bit table, but me and my wing went in and engaged both sets and got them laughing
Was so much into following the process of approaching that I wasn’t escalating or getting very physical

Saturday Night
started the night at a bar, too me a while to get going but did a few warm up sets
finally got going and did a some good sets, got kind of blown out a couple of times but kept going
went to a bar next door and it was a little overwhelming and a couple of my wings got into a set for awhile, so I was feeling a little out of sorts and in my head, so I went out to get some fresh air and then got going
stopped the girl and started chatting with her and got into a good interaction with her, she says that her friend is waiting for her, so I approach her friend and got her laughing and now the girl I approached is a little annoyed. I missed an opportunity to re-engage her
went to a 3rd bar and approached 7 or 8 women seated at a table, with my wing got them laughing but there was no connection
Take the interaction further, more push/pull
Move the girl around
Stay in set longer
Reached my goal of opening 15 sets
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