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Friday Night
Went out with a buddy to a bar after not going out for 2 weeks and it was rough getting started, as I just wasn’t feeling it but did a few approaches to warm up
As the night went on, I was doing the approaches and getting some traction but I wasn’t being congruent, but I kept pushing through and did a few more approaches and then went to another bar and kept going
No real highlights and not that great of a night either, ended up going home around 1.30 am
Get in state
Own it
Saturday Night
Got started and got into a club with a couple of wings and got a beer and got started and 1 of my wings said to do 10 approaches to get started and warm up, anything , “Hi fives” ”spins”,anything, just to get into state and the flow.
And it work and I started to have more fun and be self amused. I did a few more approaches and then I met another wing, who I hadn’t seen for a while, we had a beer and he gave me the best advice as he had seen me approach quite a few times before, he said “ full commit in my approaches and own it and you deserve it”. That really hit home with me. That was an “ah ha moment” for me.
We went to the bar next door, I did and approach and got a number and it seems solid, I will find out soon. Then we went back into the club and did a couple of approaches and then ended up walk up and down the streets as all the clubs were closed
Went home around 4 am knowing that this was the night that I did the most approaches
I deserve it
I am worthy
100% commit
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doesnt sound like a true
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