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Friday Night
A little disillusioned as I am not getting the results, but I have decided to recommit to the process and keep going after a 3 week break.
The goal of the night was just to get back to approaching and having fun.
I got going by just warming up and did a few quick approaches.
My wing and I opened this 2 set and I tried to make sure I was doing “push & pull” and not get stuck in being a nice guy. I got her number and then my wing pulled away (not sure why), so she turned her attention to her friend
I did a few more approaches and then we went to another bar and did a few more approaches but no real connections.
I was satisfied with the night despite getting any traction, just happy to be out and approaching.
I know good things will happen as long as I keep going out and approaching

Saturday Night
Got together with my wing and just spent a few minutes planning what we wanted to focus on, I wanted to focus on “being grounded and doing push/pull”
I got going by doing a few quick warm ups and then my wing told me to open this 6 set, I was a little nervous but went in strong and a couple of them opened up and then he came in and we ended up getting almost all of them laughing and teasing them.
It was great as this was really getting us into state. It turned out that all of them were married..ohh well
We open this two set and the girl I was talking to was very closed off, but I just kept going and going and she started to open up, I got her number before we left.
We went to another bar and opened a few more sets. The highlight was this two set, where I was really pushing and pulling.
They weren’t my type but we were really having fun and building our state. Opened this other cute girl and got real close to her and was talking to her for awhile and didn’t even realize that she was there with her boyfriend and 4 of his friends.
Went to a third bar around 2 am and wasn’t much there to open, did a debrief and called it a night
I think I hit my goal of the night and also reached my other long term goal of at least 15 sets per week
More good things to come
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I just realised that your doing a large number countdown,im doing the same thing im down to 489 wooo well done cool to know im not the only one doing it.
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