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Got back from the summit and wanted to highlight some insights for me
Alex gave an amazing talk about how ‘you are enough” and showed a great movie about ‘make your life a movie’. It was very inspirational.
Ryan gave a great talk about getting back in the game and having not “approach anxiety” but “approach avoidance” and also the principle of You? Me? We? And how it effects your communication with women
Julian showed some day game videos and talked about “how you to game yourself”
.In my opinion, this was the most important lesson for me
Todd show a great video about staying in set and getting blown out, it received the best cheer
I also had a chance to volunteer on a boot camp run by Ozzie, very eye opening, in terms of how fear can get to us
Most of the content I have heard but I find that as I get to different levels in the game, it resonates differently
All in all a great week, now it’s time to immerse all of that in real life
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