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I haven’t been updating my blog for a few weeks, as it has been very rough the past couple of weeks with very little progress or results. I seem to be in head and very stifled, so I think, I have to go back to the basics
Saturday Night
I went out with my wing and the 1st half of the night we was rough and it was obvious, we were looking for validation and every time, we were in set, it was basically to stay in set and I was playing not to lose.
We went to another club and I had a drink to loosen up a little and it did get me out of my head and I had a few short interactions and did have an interaction on the dance floor with this girl, that could have gone somewhere, but I wasn’t congruent, so it just kind of fizzled out
So I will have to structure my nights better and try to get into state quicker and faster… be continued
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You don't need more approaches men, - you just need to go on casual dates with girls and simply try to make them laugh, move them around, lead them, be aware of your feelings throughout these interactions and learn from that.
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Maybe go out with the mindset of: "Lets just go out and have fun, be social, and take the opens as they come." Maybe don't worry so much about the opens. Sometimes opening can become a chore and thats not a good mindset to come from.
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