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I went out last night with a wing, got to the bar at around 11 and got started doing a few easy approaches, got into a couple sets and my intent was just to get warmed up, so there was no sexual vibe, just friend to friend, which was o.k. for now. My wing challenged me to open this three set and I just went in and lasted for a while, until their other friends came in. I opened a few more sets and was now in flow.
I went to another bar next door and did a few more approaches, I stopped this one girl and chatted with her, I could have pursued it further but she was on a date and said she didn’t feel right about giving me her number. I respected that, and moved on to approach more sets. My wing left at around 1 am, so we ended the nite
Just followed the process
Had intent (thanks to Tyler’s video)
Could have stayed out longer
More sexual vibe and more teasing
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