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Good Weekend
I haven’t posted for almost 2 months as I was frustrated and not happy with my progress.
I was going out but just didn’t feel good and it resulted in doing approaches and looking for value and not adding to the fun.
This weekend, I went out and did a few approaches and was just focused on having fun and no giving a shit or looking for any results
Usually when I go out, I have had to psyche my self and have had all these thoughts running through my head but this weekend for the 1st time, it felt good and I didn’t feel any pressure. Just approach, have fun and be present is all I kept focusing on the whole night, and it seemed to work
Now I just have to keep this state of mind and add some intent and I know the results will come
Do more approaches
More intent
Be more deserving
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Good shit man. Take actions and focus on process rather than results. This is hard to to but ya. Also, improv will help you loosen up and have fun. I think that's what you need more so than salsa now, I mean that's what you needed from the before too. Last of all, don't give a shit about what others think about you. Keep it up dude.
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