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Another Weekend
It’s been a while since I posted, I have been going out regularly with no real results, so not sure what to do but obviously need to rethink what I need to do differently. So my plan is to take the holidays off and re-evaluate and then decide, how to continue in the new year
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Good Weekend
I haven’t posted for almost 2 months as I was frustrated and not happy with my progress.
I was going out but just didn’t feel good and it resulted in doing approaches and looking for value and not adding to the fun.
This weekend, I went out and did a few approaches and was just focused on having fun and no giving a shit or looking for any results
Usually when I go out, I have had to psyche my self and have had all these thoughts running through my head but this weekend for the 1st time, it felt good and I didn’t feel any pressure. Just approach, have fun and be present is all I kept focusing on the whole night, and it seemed to work
Now I just have to keep this state of mind and add some intent and I know the results will come
Do more approaches
More intent
Be more deserving
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I went out last night with a wing, got to the bar at around 11 and got started doing a few easy approaches, got into a couple sets and my intent was just to get warmed up, so there was no sexual vibe, just friend to friend, which was o.k. for now. My wing challenged me to open this three set and I just went in and lasted for a while, until their other friends came in. I opened a few more sets and was now in flow.
I went to another bar next door and did a few more approaches, I stopped this one girl and chatted with her, I could have pursued it further but she was on a date and said she didn’t feel right about giving me her number. I respected that, and moved on to approach more sets. My wing left at around 1 am, so we ended the nite
Just followed the process
Had intent (thanks to Tyler’s video)
Could have stayed out longer
More sexual vibe and more teasing
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I haven’t been updating my blog for a few weeks, as it has been very rough the past couple of weeks with very little progress or results. I seem to be in head and very stifled, so I think, I have to go back to the basics
Saturday Night
I went out with my wing and the 1st half of the night we was rough and it was obvious, we were looking for validation and every time, we were in set, it was basically to stay in set and I was playing not to lose.
We went to another club and I had a drink to loosen up a little and it did get me out of my head and I had a few short interactions and did have an interaction on the dance floor with this girl, that could have gone somewhere, but I wasn’t congruent, so it just kind of fizzled out
So I will have to structure my nights better and try to get into state quicker and faster… be continued
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Got back from the summit and wanted to highlight some insights for me
Alex gave an amazing talk about how ‘you are enough” and showed a great movie about ‘make your life a movie’. It was very inspirational.
Ryan gave a great talk about getting back in the game and having not “approach anxiety” but “approach avoidance” and also the principle of You? Me? We? And how it effects your communication with women
Julian showed some day game videos and talked about “how you to game yourself”
.In my opinion, this was the most important lesson for me
Todd show a great video about staying in set and getting blown out, it received the best cheer
I also had a chance to volunteer on a boot camp run by Ozzie, very eye opening, in terms of how fear can get to us
Most of the content I have heard but I find that as I get to different levels in the game, it resonates differently
All in all a great week, now it’s time to immerse all of that in real life
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Friday Night
A little disillusioned as I am not getting the results, but I have decided to recommit to the process and keep going after a 3 week break.
The goal of the night was just to get back to approaching and having fun.
I got going by just warming up and did a few quick approaches.
My wing and I opened this 2 set and I tried to make sure I was doing “push & pull” and not get stuck in being a nice guy. I got her number and then my wing pulled away (not sure why), so she turned her attention to her friend
I did a few more approaches and then we went to another bar and did a few more approaches but no real connections.
I was satisfied with the night despite getting any traction, just happy to be out and approaching.
I know good things will happen as long as I keep going out and approaching

Saturday Night
Got together with my wing and just spent a few minutes planning what we wanted to focus on, I wanted to focus on “being grounded and doing push/pull”
I got going by doing a few quick warm ups and then my wing told me to open this 6 set, I was a little nervous but went in strong and a couple of them opened up and then he came in and we ended up getting almost all of them laughing and teasing them.
It was great as this was really getting us into state. It turned out that all of them were married..ohh well
We open this two set and the girl I was talking to was very closed off, but I just kept going and going and she started to open up, I got her number before we left.
We went to another bar and opened a few more sets. The highlight was this two set, where I was really pushing and pulling.
They weren’t my type but we were really having fun and building our state. Opened this other cute girl and got real close to her and was talking to her for awhile and didn’t even realize that she was there with her boyfriend and 4 of his friends.
Went to a third bar around 2 am and wasn’t much there to open, did a debrief and called it a night
I think I hit my goal of the night and also reached my other long term goal of at least 15 sets per week
More good things to come
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Friday Night
Went out with a buddy to a bar after not going out for 2 weeks and it was rough getting started, as I just wasn’t feeling it but did a few approaches to warm up
As the night went on, I was doing the approaches and getting some traction but I wasn’t being congruent, but I kept pushing through and did a few more approaches and then went to another bar and kept going
No real highlights and not that great of a night either, ended up going home around 1.30 am
Get in state
Own it
Saturday Night
Got started and got into a club with a couple of wings and got a beer and got started and 1 of my wings said to do 10 approaches to get started and warm up, anything , “Hi fives” ”spins”,anything, just to get into state and the flow.
And it work and I started to have more fun and be self amused. I did a few more approaches and then I met another wing, who I hadn’t seen for a while, we had a beer and he gave me the best advice as he had seen me approach quite a few times before, he said “ full commit in my approaches and own it and you deserve it”. That really hit home with me. That was an “ah ha moment” for me.
We went to the bar next door, I did and approach and got a number and it seems solid, I will find out soon. Then we went back into the club and did a couple of approaches and then ended up walk up and down the streets as all the clubs were closed
Went home around 4 am knowing that this was the night that I did the most approaches
I deserve it
I am worthy
100% commit
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Friday Night
Went out Friday with a couple of guys, did a few warm up approaches and then got going and did a few more approaches being really present and challenging
Went to another bar next door and did a few really difficult sets like four women sitting and another 2 women sitting behind a bit table, but me and my wing went in and engaged both sets and got them laughing
Was so much into following the process of approaching that I wasn’t escalating or getting very physical

Saturday Night
started the night at a bar, too me a while to get going but did a few warm up sets
finally got going and did a some good sets, got kind of blown out a couple of times but kept going
went to a bar next door and it was a little overwhelming and a couple of my wings got into a set for awhile, so I was feeling a little out of sorts and in my head, so I went out to get some fresh air and then got going
stopped the girl and started chatting with her and got into a good interaction with her, she says that her friend is waiting for her, so I approach her friend and got her laughing and now the girl I approached is a little annoyed. I missed an opportunity to re-engage her
went to a 3rd bar and approached 7 or 8 women seated at a table, with my wing got them laughing but there was no connection
Take the interaction further, more push/pull
Move the girl around
Stay in set longer
Reached my goal of opening 15 sets
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Friday and Saturday Night
I haven’t been out for a few weeks and haven’t updated my diary. Friday night was off to a slow start but got a few approaches and was just trying to get comfortable going out approaching. It’s amazing how if I don’t go out regularly, I am in my head, which happened pretty much the whole night but at the end of the night, I did help my wing get a pull ( He couldn’t close the deal but that’s another story).
On Saturday night, went out to a bar and got started a little slow but had a few good long approaches and one approach, where it was going well but I ejected, not sure why.
So the weekend was really a warm up with just getting back in the groove. I had some good interactions but I didn’t build much attraction.
I realize that I have to buy in and commit 100% to this lifestyle and go for it

TAKEAWAYS – Need to work on the following
Approach early and often
Strong eye contact
Be present
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Saturday Night
I met my buddies at the club for the big cinyo de miyo party. I did a couple of warm ups and wait for the club to busy. About an hour into the night, the club was still kind of dead, but I did a few more approaches but I wasn’t communicating men to women and it showed as I was not feeling it. So I kind of got in my head for a while and I wanted to leave the club ,but I just went outside to get some fresh air, then I came back in and did a few good approaches and had some good interactions but again not men to women and I wasn’t very physical. At this point my wing had to go, so I left with him and called it a night
Follow the process
Be patient and let the night unfold
Don’t let the environment get on top of me
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