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 Did I have fun tonight?


This is my new question I ask myself at the end of the night. My goal is obviously to pick up bitches but also to make the night enjoyable. I use to get so frustrated during my interactions when I mess up good sets, did not pull the trigger quick enough, other dudes messing up my game, logistics fucking me over etc. etc. Now if I look at my only idea of fun is only if I pick a up, I'll be miserable a lot of nights. Now I just look back how I was a year ago and compare it to today, now I can always go out and meet people and have a good time. No matter what, I am interacting and having fun with hot girls or any girl for that matter. Just by me being social I make more friends which also makes my surrounding environment much more warmer and fun Instead of standing with my drink to my chest, talking to the two people I came with, and everyone around me is a stranger like things use to be. Every time I go out it's an adventure. Now last night I went out and there were this group of tourist sluts that wanted cock and they were here for a wedding. They were all horny but since I live on an island in the caribbean they would not let each other out of sight because of "Natalie Hollaway" so that was my problem. I could not pull any one of them into isolation even though they were pretty much indirectly talking about getting fucked, except for one she was directly talking about getting fucked. So now obviously this annoyed the fuck out of me that I couldn't pull them, did I mention they were hot? But after feeling frustrated I took a breather and just asked myself "Did I have fun tonight?" and I had a blast. Could it have went better? Yes, I could have gotten my dick wet but never the less I went out and partied and hung out with some fun bitches.

Just remember that the field is just a party. So when you have that frustrating night because of that set you couldn't pull or you have a set that was going so perfect but then something fucks it up, take a breather. Ask yourself "Did I have fun tonight?" then look back at how you would have normally acted on a night out 1 year ago or two years ago or even 5 years ago and see how much pick-up has changed the way you approach nightlife. Running into this community changed me forever and rocked my world. So now even with these "failures" in my skill set I still feel like I already won on this new way of life. Also remember what Tim said "your worst nights keep getting better and better."

Indian out
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