The Intellect Manifesto

This is truly awesome,

I appreciate the fact that I now have a blog dedicated solely to the art of getting better with women, and where likeminded individuals can see my progress.

I'll start off the blog by posting the points I received from bootcamp, and hopefully I can detail progress in each of these aspects as time goes on....

Alexander's points from bootcamp:

* True nimbus (that is to say, nimbus arising from self esteem and not ego) is a result of three key factors
    - Presence - your head space (or head RAM) is completely clear and your consciousness is 100% dedicated to the world
    - Positive Dominance - woo+intent
    - Man-of-Action/Escalation - your ability to move forward and escalate things as a man
* Who you are is a combination of What your are and What you do
* Nurture is the way you express yourself. Take credit for your achievements but don't identify with them
* Confidence happens when I perceive that nothing holds me back
* With great responsibility comes great power.
* The famous Alex attraction equation: A = HV + E

Major Lessons Learnt

* The girl must invest in you just as much as you are investing in her. Don't sell yourself too much.
* Dominance is phenomenally powerful. Not being dominant is denying who you are.
* Don't start of creepy close. Let the girl get comfortable, then escalate closer. Remember posturing and voice. Lead her closer.


* Review and continue to implement all the notes in bootcamp.
* Go to the club 2-3 nights a week.
* Hang with the right people. Utilise RSD Nation.
* Reading List: BP Decoded, Alex's Blog, "The Femal Brain" by Lou-Ann Brizendine, "Mastery" by George Leonard, "My Horizontal Life" by Chelsea Handler and "The Jeffy Show"

5 Key Points that I would need to focus on

* Asserting yourself to the close
* Get Physical and Dominate the fuck out of them.
* Cultivate spontaneity and illogicality through a relaxed mind.
* Make harmony with the fact that you've killed the chode.
* Polish communication skills (voice resonance, rhythm and posturing)
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