The Intellect Manifesto

I am at a desolate station in a strange suburb in a state that is too far from my home. It's raining. The shelter is sparse. I spend every 10 minutes making sure my hair isn't messed up in a mirror, knowing full well that this particular mirror is in fact a one way window into the station master's office. I take solace in the fact (not the thought but the very fact) that the station master is looking back at me thinking "Dear Lord! I thank you for presenting to me this handsome specimen of a human. I am truly blessed."

Welcome to Brisbane.

I am supposedly up here on family issues. Cousin had a baby and apparently I have some obligation to go see aforementioned baby. You know...hold it, coddle it, make goo-goo, ga-ga noises. Meanwhile the little one is blissfully unaware of current affairs, the global economic crisis and those crazy folk in thailand as it continues to sleep 18 hours a day.

It's more immediate concern when it is awake? Release of gas.

The difference between me and this baby? No one gives a fuck that it sleeps 18 hours a day or about the sporadic flatulence. Seriously...let me sleep and fart in peace.

But I digress.

I look around the train station and all I can think of is "Man! There are a lot of black people in Brisbane." As indeed there were. I was about to break into a tribal dance and start tongue clicking inappropriately when my train, unexpectedly and completely off-schedule, arrives.

Get on train. Go past several stations whose name brings a chuckle to my heart. "Kuraby", "Banoon", "Moorooka"..... "Sunnybank". Train stops for half an hour at a station. Apparently some guy on a motorbike had died by running into a train in front of my train. I visualise a tall gentleman with a top hat and cape chuckling while twirling his 'stache.

Get to the city and noone is there yet. I take a walk around the place. It's pretty quiet relative to Sydney but IS Brisbane and it IS only 9:30. The night has yet to start.

I have laksa at a chinese restaurant. If there is one dish in the world that can pleasurably tingle my entire gustatory system at the same time, it is this one. Sweet, sour, spicy or's all there if you take the time to savour it. Laksa (or more precisely "BBQ Pork Laksa") brings me to my knees. Good thing I never eat it standing up.

With my stomach filled to the brink of exploding in a catastrophic mess designed to make my death all the more memorable, I decided to head to where Pyro and the other Brissy boys were planning to meet.

Birdy Num Nums...I officially award Brisbane for having the most retarded name for a bar....ever.

Inside I chode around for a while, just soaking in the atmosphere. One thing I loved about Brisbane, people just seem a lot more friendly here. I've been told that this is a result of the "Traveller's Syndrome" whereby the traveller is easily recognized as a traveller and is treated nicely by the "home-boys" because of it. All I can think of is "Yes! Fun times! Girls are easy to open!"

After much chodeing I decide to get social. I talk to a random guy for a while and immediately get bored. I politely eject from the conversation (as in "see you later random guy I don't wanna fuck"), and head to the bar. At the bar I approach a girl,

Me: "I'm not from around here and I have no friends. Will you be my friend?"

She smiles and responds in what is clearly a chirpy Eastern European accent "I'm not from here either. I'm from Russia". The touching starts immediately. Not by me. By her. I'm talking full-on body hugs and shit that I would (at this stage in my game) do much later on in the convo. Her friend comes back from the bar and russian tells me "We're going to sit down over there. You can come with us if you like?"

Now logic dictates that this girl wants to fuck. To any certifiably sane individual this is as clear as Euclid's first axiom. All I had to do was keep talking to her. Well tie me up and stamp me silly, because I sure didn't work that out. I told her "Okay...just let me do something first and I'll meet you there.". And then I ran the fuck away from there. I learnt two very important lessons from this:

Lesson 1: I underestimate my own abilities. A lifetime of humility and self-depreciation has put me in the mindset of "I'm not ready to go further yet" and so my skill at persistence is limited. I am pushing through this but getting there. This is a more in-depth dissection of the "success barrier" limit that I have mentioned in my earlier posts.
Lesson 2: Russians are AWESOME!!!!!

I meet up with Kimball, Pyro, Storm and the rest of the gang. The fun starts. We shoot the shit. StepsAscending is also here. Awesome. I met this guy during his bootcamp with Alex in Sydney. He is on the path to glory. Kimball is putting straws in girls' hair without warning or compulsion. Not a single bad response. I like this game.

I have fun talking to Kimball and Pyro about their lives. They have plenty of stories to tell as do I of course and it felt like they have found a proper harmony in combining life and game. Good for you. I hope to converge to that point myself.

Eventually the Brissy crew decides to leave the joint. I ask why and the common response is "The girls here are quite trashy and bogan and easy to get." I look around and think "". A little thing about me. Upon entering this wonderland I have lowered my standards considerably, and as long as there ARE girls around it doesn't matter to me what type they are as long as I can get it up without alcohol.

But I am here to explore Brisbane, and gain some valuable knowledge from the hot-shit interns so I decide to tag along. We navigate the teeming mass of people that are now flowing through the streets of Brisbane. I have now idea how it happened but somewhere between 9:30 and 11:00 pm, it seems like the entirety of the state of Queensland decided to come down to Brisbane.

We go to a place which required a cover charge and decide against it. Kudos! No paying for me!

We head to the Exchange Hotel. Venue changes always make me lose state, and I start chodeing around. I tell Kimball "Man I'm chodeing around, and I really shouldn't be." Kimball, determined to bring me back in state, takes me around to the dancefloor and we dance for all of 8.65 seconds. But it was enough. As we leave the dancefloor, I grab a short cutie who gets in my way. I hug her, dip her, then makeout with her. She was left bewildered, repeatedly muttering "Wow!"

I am back.

I gotta remember this: I may not be able to achieve full close results on the dancefloor, but it's a beautiful device for me to attain natural state (i.e. state not derived from artificial stimulants).

I head back to Kimball and Pyro. On the way I wing StepsAscending with a two-set. We were both going quite well but my persistence barrier (mentioned above) came into play again and I left. Steps stayed and I don't know what happened (if you're reading Steps: i'm sorry man).

The rest of the night is filled with me and Pyro being general dicks to girls - but in a playful manner of course. I would get in the way of every girl that went past and call her out with "What are you doing getting in my way!" This would get pretty good responses in general, but it's a massive emotion spike that is left with a very crappy down.

I was also able to impress Kimball with my usage of the claw. In particular, tonight I made use of the reverse claw. I'm talking to Kimball, "Blah, blah, blah!". Hottie walks past. I try to use the claw on her but she's too quick and walks past. Then my mind shuts off. She is behind me. I cannot see her. I put my hand behind me and grab the first limb I can find. Spin her around and drag her into my world. Her friend comes up and she's all "Are you kidding me? Are you kidding me?" all angry-like. Kimball shoos her away with a reprimanding wave.

Hah! Take that friend!

The night is wrapped up with some of the most important lessons I will learn post bootcamp, courtesy of Kimball and Pyro:

Lesson 1: Flash game is fun and exciting but has a low success rate. It results in a massive emotion spike at the beginning and it's very difficult to maintain that. Instead I need to dial it down and work on "tap,tap" game, which consists of 1-2 hour conversations, where I move the girl around with me and isolate her.
Lesson 2: Do a 30-day challenge. Just do it. What's wrong with you. Do the fucking thing.
Lesson 3: Persistence, persistence, persistence. Don't leave at the slightest sign of success. Also learn to appreciate the conversation.
Lesson 4: Don't be afraid. You are invincible. Be a fucking man.
Lesson 5: Keep having fun above all!

So I thank Kimball, Pyro, Storm, StepsAscending and the rest of the crew (I don't think I got any other forum names) for an awesome night. I look forward to heading out with you guys in Sydney whenever you are down or in Brisbane again whenever I am up there.

Good times.
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It is at this time that I must get down on my knees, bend my head and beg for forgiveness.

"Forgive me father for I know not what I do. I have realised the folly of my sins. The ego must be dampened. The claw must come out. Your penis must be sucked..."

Wait...ignore that last part. Hehe..good times.

So I went out last night mixed with feelings of fury and nimbus. Fury stemmed from my wing Law~ doing a car pull a few nights before (the car pull is my next glory nemean lion if you will). Nimbus arose from bootcamp. It hasn't gone away. It's still there.

Mark this with a determination to revive the claw and a potent combination is in the mix. Man was it potent.

Every approach I did on this night, the claw came out. Beginning, during or the didn't matter - the claw would not rest.

Law~ approaches girl at bar. Friend comes in to talk to girl. Friend is cutie. I approach with "Why are you girls harrassing my boy?" . Friend says "We aren't harrassing him". I claw her waist and say in a mock tone "Yeah I bet you weren't". We are cheek to cheek while I'm talking to her. She asks me my name. I was already in. I could have kept going but I needed to shit pretty bad. So I did.

We bounce to another club. As we are entering, two hotties are walking our way. I get in the way of one of them, and block her path. Wherever she moves I reflect her motion. Then the claw comes out. I pick her up and am turning her like a fan blade. She shrieks. Friend pulls her away. Blurgh!!!!

At the bar. Totally random shit. Claw a hottie in front of me and go "Why are you getting in my way and shit" (all with a smile of course). Totally illogical shit. She smiles back and says "What? What?'. Friend pulls her away. As she is leaving she turns around and goes "I wasn't getting in your way?". She didn't have to do that but she did. Starting recognise these signs more these days.

On the dancefloor. Best. Set. Ever. I'm in the zone again. Love dancing. State reaches super sayan levels. Girls flock around me. After much chodeing claw a girl and go "Woman, you are stepping on my toes." Girl is drunk and happy as hell. She falls. Like literally falls.I am unable to prepare for this sudden increase in downward momentum. I go down with her. She spills her drink all over my top. That shit is going to be hard to remove from the fabric. Fury builds. I pick her up. She wraps her legs around my waist. I spin her around. I go for the makeout. No resistance, but the worst kiss ever. She's got her tongue all sticking out, and I could find no lips. It was like kissing a slimy, wet slug. She was easily mine.

But I pushed her the fuck away. There are two reasons why I did this (on a more serious, lets-learn-some-stuff note). First, my push-pull methods are currently uncalibrated. Either I push them too far away (like "I don't really want to have sex with you. I would rather jack off to internet porn.") or I pull them too much (like "I've got you in a chokehold. What are you going to do now, bitch?"). The second is the major success barrier that I have mentioned oh so many times. I am still somewhat scared of the pull.

Ahh...the claw. It is unsheathed.
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I remember a time in the days of yore. A time of enlightenment and wonder. I time when the claw reigned supreme in my life. In the weeks following my acquisition and viewing of Tim's Flawless Natural, I achieved much success with the claw. Makeouts, stunned countenances and grinds were usually the result. Much enjoyment was had.

But then something happened.

I don't know when or how, but the claw started to recede into it's cave as it developed a property that rendered it impotent - it had taken on an ego.

At some point in the last few months, I started thinking I shouldn't use the claw anymore because I was better than that. I mean come on, I could woo girls with my charming wit and my amazing attitude. Why demean myself to dance floor game.


When the fuck did I start thinking that?

I remember having a shitload of fun with dance floor game.

Last night was the ultimate downturn. I was rocking it on the dance floor making my own reality and having so much fun. The girls were pulled in and every time I would head to the floor we would get a ton of them around us wanting to party with us.

And each time, instead of being a man about it, I would just keep dancing thinking "Man, don't worry about it. You're better than that."

I have to remember that bootcamp has definitely improved my game, but there is no game that is lower (or higher) then any other, and going back to the basics that I was practicing before I did bootcamp is perfectly fine, as long as I remember the inner game concepts learned at bootcamp.
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I have a sore throat, a painful lump on my head, a blue and black bruise on my shoulder and the dishevelled hair of a good night out. I vow to myself right now never to touch a drop of vodka unless my life depended on it. And even so, it's has to be hanging by a thread.

Highlights of last night:

  • Vodka.
  • Vomiting so hard my nuts felt like they were in a vice.
  • Vodka.
  • Getting picked up and spun around by one friend while getting elbowed in the head by another.
  • Getting into a mock street fight with another friend in the middle of Darling Harbour.
  • Vodka.
  • Kebab. Well...I say kebab but what I had wasn't a kebab. What I had could only be described as chilli sauce with a hint of meat and a dashing of lettuce. Sweet beautiful ambrosia.
  • The recurrence of vodka in a reverse fashion.
  • My car smelling of vomit.

Highlights of today:

  • Waking up.
  • Wishing for a fast and painless death.

That is all.
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I discovered something about myself this Wednesday.

I am shallow. Shallow as a bowl of soup at a French cuisine restaurant. Shallow as a kiddie pool after it's been emptied. I could go on but I've run out of analogies to convey my shallowness.

The night was going awesome. I managed to maintain state from the moment I went out to the moment I went back home.

At about the end of the night, I was on the dancefloor, doing my thang. Just letting loose. In the moment.

I was bringing the party and the girls knew it. I wasn't really doing anything about it because I don't particularly like dance floor game. Girls just seem to tease like crazy. They may make out with you but in the end they leave, having gotten everything they wanted out of you.

Not conducive to pulling.

While I'm dancing this girl starts coming close to me. I peripheralize her and see that she is kinda chubby.

Now I say she is chubby, but the truth is she wasn't half bad, had a pretty face and I have been barren for a long time, so all she would have to do is touch me and I would have shot my load all over her face.

Anyway, so this girl starts dancing close to me, and then SHE opens ME. She's asking me chode questions and starts getting physical with me. I could have taken her out right then and there and had my way with her.

But all I could think was "Man, she's pretty unattractive. I think I'll just keep dancing".

Eventually I just left.

And then it hit me. "What the fuck did I just do? Did I just blow off a decent girl who would have been a (let's admit it) perfectly awesome fuck?"

And that's when I came to realize something. It's not that I was shallow, but that I was deathly afraid of pulling.

This is a major success barrier that I need to hurdle over.

I need to stop discriminating against girls and making up excuses. No matter what the situation, no matter what the actors involved, I need to continuously move towards the pull.

And that is my new goal.
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It's been a while since my last field report. My last one was on February 8th, 2009 which makes it 40 days since. There are two reasons why this is. The first is that work has put some pressure on, and I needed to spend some time in academic writing rather than creative writing. As a result my creative writing skills have somewhat stagnated.

Not good.

I love writing field reports because they really test and develop my creative skills. Furthermore I love going to back to the days of yore when the chode was king, and seeing my development now as a great motivational boost.

The second reason is that I have been feeling like I haven't been achieving much results on a day-to-day basis. I feel like my FRs aren't going to be all that, because I am not developing much.

Then I think about the last couple of weeks.

And I consider cutting myself til I bleed. Because that's what I am. I am a whiny emo bitch.


It's like "Hey Anu. Look at that. You just pushed your comfort levels and achieved something you have never achieved in your life....but don't need to write about it because your peers don't care cos they are pulling left, right and centre."

Yeah...they probably don't care. But then...why do I care that they care?


Alright...whateva....back into it now.

I can't talk about dates or places for this FR because I honestly don't remember them anymore. All I remember now are the awesome interactions.

So here are some sets that made it through:

University Day game

I go to a university. A veritable smorgasbord of opportunity consisting of nubile first years upto sexy postgrads. Whether it's 6am in the morning or 6pm at night, you will undoubtedly find atleast one of these girls in the "oh, look at me sipping my latte while prentending to read and be a studious nerd while really all I want to do is fuck" pose. Despite me knowing this is the case, I have been afear'd of approaching at university for a long time - 6 years to be exact. I'm not going to make excuses. There's no logical reason why I've been afraid. I just have.

Well, a couple of weeks ago I broke my university hymen, so to speak. Big thing for me. Girl was unresponsive. I was on top of the world. I approached with "Hey I don't usually do this, but I had to meet you". Realised this was a horrible opener. Why? Because I ALWAYS do this. It was a blatant lie. I felt elite incongruency.

But the best thing. Calibrated for the next one. Worked beautifully. This time my approach was: "Well now. I can't let you sit here all alone." She was moist (yeah, I can detect moistness, I'm a fucking human hygrometer). Responds with a smile and a "Thanks!". Fucked up in set though. Started going on about my age and other chode topics. She was first year. I was post grad. She was probably thinking "Man this guy is old." I was thinking "Man I want her to blow me."

Never, EVER mention your age in University sets (that little side note was for me).

Didn't do anymore uni sets after that cause of work and shit, but will continue to do so over the next few weeks.

Sprint Set

This was fantastic. I was in a bar in a chode circle with friends. Hottie is standing to the side all alone. This girl was seriously looking for a fuck. I mean she was standing there all alone literally looking around for a guy to talk to her. Like "literally looking". No guy balls up and does it, so she simply leaves.

I say to myself "Fuck This!", break out of the chode circle into a sprint. A fucking sprint. She's already outside about 30 meters from the bar exit and I was like a fucking marathon runner, chasing after her, coming up on the side. Tap her on her shoulder and go "Oh man! I saw you inside the club and had to meet you." She was all giggly saying "Awww! Why didn't you meet me in the club." I told her "I don't know. I guess I was nervous."

Shit. Not a good answer.

She was like "Awww...that's so cute."

Fuck you. I'm not a fucking puppy.

I tried to number close but she was only in Australia for 3 days, so she was clearly looking for a root and not a boyfriend. Lesson learnt. Good set though. Did another out of comfort zone thing.

Cleavage Set

This was brief but mentioned here because it's of a sexual nature that was beyond my comfort zone. Girl at bar waiting for bartender. Waiting for a while. I turn to her and say "Well maybe if you showed a bit more cleavage he would come to you."

Never said this in my entire life.

She laughs, shoves her tits in my face (they were a decent pair) and says "How much more can I show?"

I wasn't expecting this response and didn't know how to counteract so I just laughed, took my drink and went off.

Goddamn it....should have motorboated.

Sticking Points

  • I am getting better at sexual playfulness, but I need to learn to stop making it such a big deal. I also need to turn it on much earlier in the interaction.
  • I need to improve on the illogical conversation by practising in set and alone.
  • I need to start going for group sets. I keep going for lone sets and only about 1 in 10 are actually alone there. The remaining are usually waiting for their boyfriends or something. Generally I keep plowing when they tell me this, but it almost always turns out to be true.
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Progress on HBDrums today (from my previous post). Called her up, utilising Alexander~ 's phone game methods on his blog. Well actually the truth is I just had a normal conversation with her, like she was an age old friend, and it just seem to flow similar to Alexander~'s article.

The progress is the fact that she picked up the phone at all. This is the first girl who's number I got in a club, who didn't flake on me.
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For the last couple of days I have had a deep-seated fear in my interactions.

I know that the coaches and students say to go out as often as possible and to get as much reference experiences as possible, but one of my greatest worries is "How do I learn without someone more experienced with me all the time?"

This worry arose from a sense of lacking when it came to escalation and isolation in my interactions.

On the 7th of February all of my fears were put to rest.

First a brief history.

I had had a decent night on the 5th with plenty of opens and hooks but no proper closes.

On the 6th I had a massively shit night, with a single digit number of approaches. On this day first I had an epiphany.

Chode Circle - My Achilles Heel

These days, when I go out I find I am always massively in state. My guess is this is a result of my bootcamp, being indifferent to the result and wanting to go out and have a fun time.

However I find that there is one thing that can completely and utterly any semblance of state I have.

This is the chode circle. In particular the chode circle of game.

The chode circle is a familiar concept. The gathering of multiple guys (gamers or not) in a central location with no approaches.

The chode circle of game is the addition of the icing to the proverbial cake. It is the combination of the chode circle with the activity of talking about gaming concepts within said circle.

I cannot emphasize how much of a state downer this is. If you're not already in your head during the night, the CCoG will put you there.

Thus I make this vow as of right now:

I vow right now never to enter a chode circle again unless I pull.

The 7th

So as a result of my shit night on the 6th, I decided to go out on the 7th despite none of my wings coming out. That is, I was going out alone.

And if the chode circle is my achilles heel, then going out alone is my Thor's hammer.

I literally never lost state this night. Even as I was driving home in my car, I was in a state of positive euphoria.

As a result I opened like crazy, and was opened like crazy.

Now going back to that issue of: "Can I learn things like escalation on my own?" just by going out.

At one point I was at the bar getting a drink for myself. HBDrums standing next to me. I call her HBDrums because she had some weird fascination with drums.

She was cute. She was smiling at me. I opened her without hesitation. Something about some guy in front who was doing some magic trick. She apparently made fun of him, and I told her off (playfully of course) for not supporting the dark arts.

She was lovely. Hooked onto my every word. She had a great persona as well.

I should mention now that on this day I had gone over Alexander~'s latest article on Outer Game, and as I process the night now, I realize how close to reality it is for a good interaction. So I'm going to post my interaction here according to the subheadings.

Caveat here about not getting too in your head about these subheadings, and trying to fit your interaction within the different sections. Just read the article and keep the headings in the subconscious.

Pre open, Opener

This is already covered above. I opened her at the bar.

Group Theory

Conveniently all her friends were at the bar, and she introduced me to all of them. No fatties among them (phew!), and they all loved me. Her friend was having a birthday and I gave her a hug.


Attraction was almost instantaneous in this interaction. She was laughing at my jokes, and was loving every minute of the interaction.


While I was talking to her at the bar, I did the standard escalation stuff. Two steps forward one step back. Hug, turn away. High five, push away.


Isolation is where I had the real epiphany this night.

After a few interactions at the bar, I walked away. I don't know why I did this. I just got my drink and walked away. I did a few approaches after leaving the bar, and then went back to get another drink (I get dehydrated really quickly).

While at the bar the second time I saw HBDrums on the dance floor, with a chode trying to do salsa or some other twirly dance with her. I remember this chode because he was grinding her friend earlier.

At this point my intent and fury started building up. I was determined not to let it fall into negative fury though. I kept maintaining my state.

But I said to myself: "Anu, if this chode so much as gets a makeout from this girl, you have failed tonight." 

So here's what I did: I said "Fuck this drink" walked away from the bar, grabbed HBDrums's hand WHILE SHE WAS DANCING WITH THE CHODE, and said "Hey come with me I need to talk to you". She came without hesitation.

Needless to say, chode was left bewildered.

I took her to a slightly less noisy place, and said to her: "Hey, when I met you earlier I fell in love with your energy, and there was no way I was going to let you go tonight". She laughed.

Here I might have made a slight mistake. I made out with her. The make out was very brief. When I realized what I had done, I pulled away, which might have worked to my benefit.

I used the standard phone number technique (thank you BP):

Me: Hey, how drunk are you?
HB: Not very
Me: Because if I give you a call tomorrow I want you to remember me.
HB: I swear I will.
Me: *with a slightly skeptical look* Are you sure?
HB: Yeah! Definitely!
Me: Okay...give my your number....Okay I'll call you now so you have mine.

Poetry in Motion.

[Value Inversion, Rapport Vibing and Qualification

I sat down with her. She started gaming me. Asking me questions. I put four sections into the one above, because I don't want to go into too much detail about what we talked about.

We ended up having several commonalities. She was an arts student and I told her it would be awesome to have someone to go to cultural shows with, because all my friends are geeks. She said none of her friends go to such shows either, and she would love to go with me. I thought this was good because it moves the interaction away from sexual relations, and more about the day 2.

She played the violin. She loved "The Simpsons" (I would say, "Who doesn't?" but I have met girls who don't like "The Simpsons" - I lost my faith in mankind on those days).

I finished the night with, "Okay I gotta go find my friends now" and left. Now I must make the call.

So yes. You can keep learning these things just by going out and interacting.
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Fucking huge lessons learnt on this day.

Me, Law~ and Swiftlinx head into the club at about 11:15 am.

Alexander~ is there with a bootcamp. Awesome to see others going through the same rite of passage.

Club was packed. People coming down from OzFest and Sydney festival. Too many people. Abundance of targets is always a good thing, but hard to move target around.

Swiftlinx winged me with the two set. My target was a bit on the chunky side, but had an attractive face. His was a ballet dancer that could put her legs over her head. Fuck.

But it's all good. I'm learning not to disciminate until I achieve my first pull. set, whole night....I was like WTF?!?

From 11:15 pm to 5:30 am. That's right motherfuckers...I had a girl engaged for nearly 6 hours.

Still didn't pull though. But I'm starting to do all the right things.

Conversation skills have grown magnificently. I'm now letting the girl invest herself in me, just as much as I invest in her. Illogicality is shining through, but still not complete.

Moving a girl around is getting a shitload better. Pulled the girl to the bar, and was able to lead her around the dancefloor.

Dominance is getting there, but still quite slow at it. Girl gave me triangle stare a few times, but I didn't take up the opportunity.

Another problem I was having, was that I was watching Sonny and following his lead on the whole kino and dominance thing. She caught me out doing this, and realized I was not being a man (true to myself). She became quite bratty as a result. Have to learn to escalate on my own, and forget about the consequences. If I fail I learn.

When I tried to go for the makeout she said: "You'll have to wait!"

One bad thing that happened on this night was that someone stole my mobile phone. As a result I became quite furious. Fury was fueled by her rejecting my advances.

The result was that my dominance grew, but it was negative dominance. I was literally pushing her for the makeout.

We go on the dancefloor, and I've got my girl in a chokehold. I've got to go easy on this. Sometimes forget my own strength.

I emphasize here for clarity:

The Chokehold is not a suitable dance move.

Gotta learn how to grind a girl.

I eventually got the makeout at about 4am in the morning (yeah...I had to wait 5 hours just for the makeout) but it was a somewhat hollow victory.

I got her number, but since I lost my phone I also lost her number at the same time. She took my facebook details but I'm not going to hold my breath.
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First of all, I came up with a new mantra that's going to go around everywhere in front of me:

"If the mind is willing the spirit is strong. If the spirit is strong the body is capable."

On again last night.....

Nimbus was strong, energy was high.

Two main sets that shows considerable improvement in game:

First Set

Two girls. Blondes. Sitting at a table. Approached with "Hey! How're you girls doing tonight?"...blah, blah, blah....Need to improve on being more illogical.

Once hoooked, moved from across the table from the blondes to between them. Engaged the target. Banter, banter, banter...expression all the way.

Target asks me, and I quote: "What's your situation? You're a good looking guy. How come you're still single?" 

I was already in. Now it was just a matter of getting the number and escalating.

Didn't do either. Instead I made up a GINORMOUS lie about my current girl situation. No congruence.

Then I started to do everything wrong. I became entertainer chode, and started impressing (and I mean major impressing). No escalation and no dominance.

I became amazingly beta - following them around to the bar. Apologizing...goddamn apologizing. Eventually they saw me as a, and I quote, "Fabulous Guy" but they just weren't looking for a relationship right now.


Why didn't they just paint me in pink and put a giant "FAG" sign on my head.

Could have plowed further but was seething with fury about it. Not about getting the girls, but about doing the wrong things.

Oh the old saying goes..."Succeed or Learn"

Second Set

Asian beauty from UK with a Blonde. One of my wings Sonny (aka Swiftlinx) had opened the Blonde earlier and received the reponse: "All men are cunts, all men are cunts,...."

He told me to open the blonde with "All men are not cunts!". I did.

Without warning Asian chimes in with "Yeah...I know. I didn't believe that at all."

The kino started almost immediately. She quite literally fell all over me. Coming in for hugs, kisses and high fives every so often.

I figure it's time to practice some kino and dominance on this girl. Sonny has engaged the blonde so this one's all mine.

I started doing all kinds of push pull. She'd come in for a hug, I'd reciprocate then push her away.

She gave me the "I have a boyfriend" line. Perfect. I practiced Jeffy's "That's fair..yadda, yadda, yadda" and continuing on. Back to kino.

I have to do Jeffy's "Irrelevant. Cut the shit. Time to fuck." soon...the time is nigh.....

We head to the bar which is right next to dance floor. I throw her around like a fucking rag doll. Literally. I'm doing all kinds of dance moves that I have never learnt.

She even tells me: "You're throwing me around like a ragdoll". I say "Yes...because tonight you are my ragdoll." She laughs. We grind. I push her away. She comes back.

I go for the makeout...rejected. Dance some more. Makeout...rejected.....Dance again...

Third time's the charm right? Apparently not. Go for the third one and friend (while doing shots with Sonny) shouts out "She has a boyfriend!" . can almost see the clockwork of her mind judge the value of her relationship against a great night out tonight with me. She apparently decides on the former and turns her face away at the exact time that friend shouts that out.

I could have plowed this one as well. I gotta get in the habit of dominance plowing now.....also I realized that when Sonny and Blonde were doing shots, I should also have done a shot with the Asian. She started sobering up when I started dancing with her.

The dance gets stale...she leaves me...while her friend is making out with Sonny...

I'm at 85% and growing.....

Great. Fucking. Night.
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