The Intellect Manifesto

Day 7 was the first night that I didn't go out on a community-related outing. On this saturday night I went to a house party organized by an old high school friend...and I got blind.

I cannot get blind....

There were enough girls there, but once I get blind I just start acting like a dick. Because my game is of a very controlled nature, getting drunk of my ass just puts me back to square one.

The icing on the cake is when old high school friends who know I'm in the community (unfortunately, when I'm drunk, I also speak honestly and confessedly about things I don't want to confess) are trying to fuel their own ego by urging me into sets thinking they'll get a laugh when I fail.

I know there's that whole age-old community activity about impressing your friends by being an alpha male, but I really don't feel I have anything to prove to these people. This is my own journey and I'll take it at my own pace.

If I want to open I will. If I want to fuck around and be a dick then I'll do that. You don't like can kiss my hairy, black ass.

That eloquent picture has brought to mind the one memorable approach I did which started off with "Do you like anal?"

Let no man say you can't approach with whatever the fuck you want. I had a riveting 1-hour conversation with this girl having primed the engine with "Do you like anal?"

I have no idea what I said, but I remember talking about Randy Pausch, her singing career, parties in Amsterdam and, at some point, her telling me "She might have to leave her boyfriend." I would have kept going with her but then I realized I needed a beer.

The needs of the beer outweigh the needs of...well...everything else.
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The next rung on the eternal ladder has been reached.

The night started out enjoyable as always. I was riding on the inevitable high of the past few days of my challenge. I was happy. I was about to head out for the first weekend of my 30-day challenge. I figure something good has to happen tonight.

Something good did.

First stop was Bungalow 8. Got there with Sunny and saw Parks and BRAH there. Awesome. Bootcamp deluxe extraordinaire. Alexander was also running a bootcamp tonight with Nader there helping him. Added awesome.

I chill with the boys for a while. Nader and Sunny talking about weightlifting and MMA. Both are in some kind of comp for one or the other. Testosterone levels through the roof.

I approach 2 girls sitting down having what looks like a deep and meaningful. I don't hesitate with such sets anymore, because the way I see it, either I was wrong and they are not having a D&M and I can talk to them, or I am right, they are having a D&M and there is something seriously fucking wrong with them (in which case who else to fix them but yours truly). 

I talk random shit for a while. Both of them are cold at first, but I was able to open them up a little, only to find out both had rings on.

That was it for Bungalow. I did one set. I then looked around for more and realized something: this place was dead as. Dead with a capital zombie. Alexander confirmed. We decide to head to Argyle.

Argyle was much better but still pretty bad. It seems Sydney had pussied out on this night. Didn't stop us though. I am transcendentally glad it didn't stop me.

Me and Sunny go around looking for girls to meet. One memorable approach I had was a 2-set of 2 cuties (call them Girl1 and Girl2). The interaction went as so....

Me: Hey Girls
Girl1: We both have boyfriends
Me: What the fuck?!? You don't even know what I was going to ask you.
Girl1: Hah! Sorry! What were you going to ask?
Me: *With my best Joey from Friends impression* How you doing?
Girl1 & Girl2: *laugh*
Girl1: We really do have boyfriends you know
Girl2: Well...she has a boyfriend...I'm kinda half-half right now.

At this point Girl2 starts touching my chest and getting closer. Girl1 decides this is enough and pushes Girl2 away saying "I'm really sorry...but we really do have boyfriends."

I'm finding it amazing how easy it is getting for me to generate attraction even in difficult sets.

Moving forward a few minutes finds me at the bar in the need for some serious hydration. Woman is standing next to me and I open her. She wasn't exactly attractive or anything but I just wanted to get chatting to keep my social skills sharp.

Before I continue with my story, I must emphasize one of the most important lessons of the day: Every social opportunity (and I mean EVERY SOCIAL OPPORTUNITY) is a chance (however slim) for a lay. Even the guys.

The laws of probability state that those events that have a very slight expectation of occurence become more likely as the size of the dataset grows. What this means is that if you think talking to that guy at the bar is gay and not worth it because it won't get you laid, you just missed out on the very slight probability that his hot cousin's boyfriend just died and she is horny as fuck and just around the corner.

Where did this lesson stem from? Well it seems the woman I opened had a friend that she was trying to get hooked up. She tells me: "Hey I'm trying to set up my blonde friend. You should come over and talk to us."

I tell her "I'll see", get my drink and walk off. I didn't think anymore of it. You see I still had that mindset of "Man! Setups aren't good because someone else is doing the work." Well that particular thought pattern has been chewed up, spit out and fucked up the ass on this night. You still need to put in an effort even despite being setup.

I continued to shoot the shit with the boys for a while and just fuck around.

After a while I decide to walk around alone again to look for more girls. By chance the woman I opened at the bar and I stumble upon each other. She says "Hey come meet my friends!" I reluctantly follow her and meet the girl I am supposed to be "set up" with.

She's alright. Not hot but cute. Definitely could get it up with her. I figure I might as well run my shit on her. Any opportunity to learn and grow in this is a golden opportunity for me. know...she was drunk.

I am doing well.

I am doing really well.

We just shoot the shit and talk chode topics, but in a pretty playful manner. I start flirting with her. And then I pull out something I had learnt over the past few days of my challenge:

Me: Hey let's make out.
Her: *laughing* What?!?
Me: Come here.

Her friends watch this and are left somewhat bewildered. I don't think they expected me to work that fast. I do the makeout a couple of times. I tell her some of my passions in life, and when she laughs at a few of them I call her out on it and go "Hey don't laugh! Those are my passions in life! Maybe I should just go" 

She quickly apologises and asks me to not

She then asks me, quite suddenly, "How old are you?" I tell her "What? Where the fuck did that come from?" She laughs. Although the next few lines were a jumble of drunken ramblings, I gathered that she thought she was much older than me and that she would, and I quote , "Teach me things I had never experienced before." 

She had already assumed we were going to have sex.....

I decide to pull her away. And then the resistance starts.

Me: Let's go.
Her: No...let's stay for a while.
Me: Okay

and then...

Me: Let's go.
Her: I wanna dance.
Me: Nah...*makeout*...let's just get out of here.
Her: Okay.

I manage to pull her out of the bar. Now here is where my mind started to quickly analyze the situation and choose the best path. The kind of thing that you see people doing in movies that leads to complex prison breaks and 128-bit encryption hacks.

My car was quite far, and I figured if we walk to there she might start to lose her libido. Not good for me. I opt for the cab. This turns out to be the worse option.

We get into a cab and she leads the driver to her house. I keep making out with her every so often to maintain the sexual connection. The drive was a fairly quiet one. I probably should have kept talking to keep her mind away from what was about to happen.

We get to near her house, get out of the cab, and spend almost 40 mins looking for her house in the freezing cold. She was too drunk to remember it. After walking around for a while we find it, and she tells me she is "Going to do the sensible thing and go inside and sleep." I tell her, "Okay...can I get a glass of water first?"

I get into her house and start making out with her again. I throw her on her bed. I am on top of her again and we are making out again. Her roommate passes past and she quickly gets up and slams the door shut. I throw her on her bed again and commence the outer game once more.

I try to remove her shirt and start feeling her up underneath it. She spouts some random drunk question that I can't understand and keeps persisting me for an answer.

And all just stops.

She puts up this massive shield and I am barred from her. She hasn't become cold, but it was like she became completely and utterly sober. She tells me "I'm sorry, but I think I'm going to go to sleep now." 

I know in community terms this means I need to keep persisting but by now I am just too fazed to go on. Plus I've gotta get back to my car before the parking thing expires. I decide to leave and call it a night.

First time in a girl's bedroom motherfuckers.

Glory be thy art.
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Last night was....weird.

I'm starting to feel the first semblance of exhaustion and fatigue as I dwelve deeper down the rabbit hole. I hit state several times over the course of the night, and during these moments my body would be buzzing with energy and momentum. But if I didn't keep maintaining a conversation with a girl state would start to plummet quite quickly as exhaustion started to take over. I resorted to 3 red bulls last night as a result.

I have to buy that shit in bulk.

I learnt two important lessons yesterday.

While I was at the bar about to get one of the aforementioned red bulls a hottie comes and lines up next to me. I jab her. She turns around, squeals excitedly and starts hugging me. Then she tells me, "Hey! I bet my friends that if we hook up you would buy me a beer"

So that's her plan.

I tell her, "Tell you what. Let's hook up first, and if you're any good, I'll buy you that beer." She says okay, grabs me by the neck and pulls me in for a makeout.

She is determined to prove to me that she can do a good job...and boy did she ever. Now I haven't had much experience (until recently of course) in kissing girls, and of the 10 or so I had kissed maybe 2 had done a decent job.

But this girl just blew them all out of the water. I didn't want to build the sexual tension too much that early on so I tried to pull away from her during the makeout, but when I did so she felt it, pulled me in even harder and added extra effort on her part.

This happened a couple of times. That was probably the longest makeout I had ever had.

At the end of it, she says to me "So are you going to get me my beer now?"

I say to her "I don't know..that wasn't that great" and she goes "Fuck you arsehole!", slaps me on the shoulder, then pulls me in for more.

At the end of the second makeout I decide to get her the beer. The girl certainly deserved it and I was at a place where the beers were pretty cheap so no dent in my wallet.

Long story short I got the girl the beer, and she disappeared. I wasn't dissapointed. I expected she would.

But the thing is this put me seriously in my head again.

This is what I learnt about myself on this night. When I encounter some new experience like this that blows my realities I start overanalyzing things. My headspace gets cluttered with things like "How could I have handled that better", "What could I have done", "Was that a good or a bad interaction"


As a result, despite being opened by numerous girls after the makeout-beer interaction, I simply didn't have enough head space to focus on the task at hand. I guess this is me receding back behind the indifference threshold.

So important rule: Once an interaction is over, it is done with until you meet the person again. Forget about trying to sleep with an old interaction and focus on trying to sleep with the other girls around you.

The second important lesson I have found is the power of unreactiveness. I think the last couple of days have helped me really cement this concept down.

Usually when I go to a club I have this giant smile on my face and I maintain that smile throughout the night. Its a genuine smile but at the same time I have found it unnecessary when I'm not in an interaction. Furthermore I find girls a lot more responsive to a guy who can be happy without looking like a clown.

I am also finding my body language is becoming more and more calibrated. I seem to be doing the right things at the right time on an increasingly regular basis.
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"Can You Hear the Chodeys Sing!" (sung to the tune of "Can you hear the people sing" from Les Miserables)

Can you hear the chodeys sing!
Singing the song of chodey men!
It is the music of the chodes who will never be laid again!
When the beating of the cock matches the beating of the drums!
There is a life about to end when the chodey cums!!!!!!

This song was inspired by my night out last night.

I couldn't have been more chode. Honestly. If I had choded out anymore vamana would have inverted and I would spend the rest of my life as a post-op transvestite.

I'll keep it short because the night in itself was short. I got kicked out of the line at The Eastern in Bondi because I didn't have any girls with me. So rather than opening girls I decided to head next door and drink. This is my habit of trying to bypass the task at hand with unnecessary activities.

I headed to Sidebar. I atleast opened here but the first set, although going good at first, went horribly bad when I started acting like a jerk and insulting the girl's job. I don't really care that I did this, but overdoing it meant no lay for me, and that I do care about.

I then sat around alone for about 2 hours...again with the drinking. I finally balled up and approached a 2-set where one of the girls had already hooked up with another guy. I could have sealed the deal with the other girl but I did not escalate one bit, leading to a chode conversation all night.

I don't know....I think this night was just a series of unfortunate occurences that just didn't go my way.

Also, never wait to be opened. Goddamn I keep doing this. Go and do it yourself you fucking pussy.

Time to man up tonight.
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I am loving this challenge. I truly am. I know it's still early days and from what I've heard by the end of it I'll be a dried up husk with nothing left but a physical body and no mental constitution to show for it, but fuck off and let me revel in my enjoyment for now.

I went out with BRAH to World Bar. This place is always teeming with backpackers. I have discovered an important fact about backpackers and travellers. They're in this country for a very short time so they're not looking for a fucking BFF. They are looking for a fuck. Go caveman on them.

I winged BRAH with a 2-set. Did something incredibly stupid here. The interaction was going quite well, but then I decided that to isolate her I would buy her a drink. I was able to isolate her but I really shouldn't have brought her a drink. I don't have the money for it right now and I'll be damned if I am going to buy a drink for a girl who hasn't at least given me a blowjob first.

Also...I need to stop with the drinking....

I got a makeout from some chick from "Flawreedah" but her friends were there and they wanted to get rid of me because I was the "creepy guy". So they enlisted BRAH to try to get rid of me. Yeah...sure girls...well done. Maybe you should call up the devil next and ask him to turn up the air-conditioning....dumbasses.

Personal growth: I was chilling with BRAH talking about how one of my sticking points is in getting solid numbers and chasing them up, when two girls from the States/Canada opened us. We split them between us (I got the American...dammit) and ran our shit. This is the great thing about this challenge. I can think about some goal I have and work then and there in achieving it:

Me: *blah*
Girl: *yadda, yadda, yadd* *laughs* *blah blah blah* (positive emotion spiking deluxe)
Me: Hey, we should totally hook up. Have you got a phone here? *numbers swapped*

That line "We should totally hook up" was just in the moment, but it worked so well I need to use it more often.

Let's see what happens tonight....
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Head to a backpacker-dense area in Sydney. Meet up with Law. We first enter Sidebar. The lights and colors overwhelm me. It's dead. Law assures me it gets livelier later on in the night.

We get our stamps and head to another backpacker bar called Scubar. This place is packed to the brim.....full of chodes. I see maybe 5 good looking hotties amongst a sea of drunk travellers. The music is loud and blaring. We meet Geoff and BRAH here completely by random. Random occurences are awesome. I get sick of trying to maintain a conversation in the place. Me and Law decide to head back to Sidebar. We meet Andrew (aka Herman) here. Lots of friends. Good night.

Once in, I am on again. That voice in my head erupted once more. "Remember, 30-day Challenge. Push yourself."

I tell Law: "Hey. Let's do some sets together" Full bonding session and shit. But the truth is a sticking point of mine is going into a 2-set together with a wing. I generally get too in my head about "These girls know we are trying to pick them up. This isn't going to work!"

Suffice to say plowed through that shit on this night. Me and Law enter a 2-set from switzerland. Girls were quite cold and major language barrier was there. We moved on.

We enter another 2-set from Norway. These girls were hella friendly. I was doing awesome with mine. She was totally into me but I didn't push through with the physicality and the makeout. Eventually one of their friends came and took them away.

A weird set. I was standing at the bar getting some water when two girls come up and start grinding me. They were being brats. They apparently worked at the bar and thought they owned the place. I start shaking my ass with them. One of them goes "No! We work here so we can grind you but you can't grind us". I can't make this shit up. I tell them "You call that grinding? The only reason I started was to show you how to do it" I am using the claw all over them while this is happening. They probably expected me to be all chode and start getting uncomfortable or some shit.

Fuck these brats.

Then I decided to start tackling my physicality goal again. The Claw comes out...haha!!!

I claw this girl with the cutest smile while she is walking around looking for her friends. I was being hella aggressive and her facial expression told me she was enjoying it (the smile never left) but she kept on pulling away. Unfortunately I still didn't have the conviction for the makeout and had to let her go in the end.

I claw another girl walking around with her friend. She was all for pressing against me while I held her:

Me: *blah*
HB: *blah*
ME: Whatever...Hey I wanna make out with you.
HB: I can't. My boyfriend is here somewhere.
Me: *chode out*

Another arising sticking point: Persistence in the face of tests.

I am sitting next to a water tap with drinking water. Girl comes up to fill her cup up. As she walks away I claw her hand and pull her in. I'm talking to her for a bit and she decides to go dancing. No dancing for me. Then her friend comes to the same spot looking for her. I claw her friend and go:

Me: Hey! You're looking for your friend right?
Girl: Yeah! Have you seen her?
Me: Yeah! She said she had to leave and that I should take care of you for the night.
Girl: *laughs* Liar!

I start chatting her up. While I'm doing so I am full up close with her. Vamana is nice and strong and pressing against her belly. I'm sure she could feel it but she wasn't going anywhere, and she never lost her smile. I tried for the makeout a couple of times, and she clearly wanted to but right at the last moment she would turn her face away. Eventually I gave up. Again I lost persistence.

Goals plowed through:
- Entering a 2-set with a wing.
- Physicality is now much, MUCH easier and consistent.

Goals still to tackle:
- Persistence in conversation and persistence in makeouts
- Getting numbers.
- Being persistent no matter what they say.
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So the first day of my 30 days didn't start out all that well. The first set was a horrible blowout. I approached a girl on the street with "Hey! I got kicked out of this place, do you know any other good places around here?" She was cold-hearted as. She responded in a European accent with "I don't want to talk to you."


This really shook my foundations. I choded out for like an hour after this and then said to myself "No! This is fucked. You can't chode out on your 30 day challenge."  So I headed to another club, had an energy drink and started all over again. This time the results were much better. I opened a hot Brazilian girl and she hooked but I couldn't keep the conversation going. She seemed to be more interested in dancing. Probably should have run some more high energy sexual game.

I then opened a girl with "Are you from England?" She did even better than the Brazilian. She actually stopped and talked to me. She had really awesome eyes and I told her so. She wanted to keep interacting with me but her friends pulled her away.

That's it. Overall not one of my better nights but hey...29 more to go!
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I start my 30-day challenge today. In the interest of writing and record-keeping I post a small prelude here of my current state-of-mind.

This 30-day challenge of mine is not just to improve my game, although that is my primary focus, but also to take responsibility of my life.

My life has been a sheltered one for the most part. I was born an only child and, as a result, was doted on by my parents. I didn't exactly have a wealthy upbringing, but we were well-off for the most part. One could say that a lot of things that I have received in my life, I have
received on a silver platter. On the whole my life has been pretty average.

That's not to say that there aren't things in life that I have worked hard for. My academic and intellectual life is living proof of this. Where other students would screw around in high school and university with girls and parties I focused on my studies and grew academically. And if you think I regret this in any way shape or form, I don't. It has made me who I am today, and I am sincerely proud of it. And it's not like I didn't have a social life. I still went out and had some fun times with my own clique of friends. 

But now - especially now - I realized that my sheltered life is not enough. I can't live at home all my life. I need to face adversity to become a man through it.

So for this 30-day challenge I am moving out for the first time in my life. I AM going to go out every night and approach, but at the same time I intend to have a firm hold on my life. This means sticking to my sleep goals and maximizing the hours awake. This means continuing to
work on my doctorate despite days of fatigue. This means continuing to eat healthy and going to the gym on a tight schedule.

Above all, this means not taking shit from anyone. Taking responsibility for my own actions.

It's time to wake out of this trance.
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Individually these two elements are superior in their own right. Don't nobody tell me I can't drank the drank or crank the crank (for future reference, the crank is a dance move so powerful that it's primary action - the hip thrust - impregnates everyone within a 200 meter radius). If I have a couple of beers I am loosened up and approaching becomes natural. If I am dancing the girls see me having the time of my life and want to join my party. So you would think that putting the two together would result in a tour-de-force of epic proportions, the likes of which can only be rivalled by an armada of deathstars.

You would be wrong.

The problem is that when the two are combined I become TOO MUCH in my own reality. As in "Go away. I am having fun on my own." The girls still flock around me when I am dancing but I just keep on dancing as the alcohol's effect take over me. In the past, most of the times I use the claw on the dancefloor, I have been sober or sober minus one beer. This gets me much better results than when I start slurring my speech and just leave because the girl has gotten too boring.

Additinally if I am not dancing I usually get bored, man up and approach and results usually follow. This is even if I'm blind as a fucking bat.

So tonight I'll need to go out and restrict alcohol consumption to a max of one beer, and dancing to only dance once you're moving a girl around. Then you start grinding her and vamana will be happy.
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First of all, lets go back to my previous post in my field report journal where I mentioned some sticking points I had. Remember that last sticking point? And I quote:

I need to learn how to grope private areas without inhibition.

Well I would like to decree that I am a fucking god. I blew this shit out of the water one day after I wrote it down. It just goes to show the hierarchical levels of awesomeness that reside within me.

But onto the night in question:

I headed out with my bootcamp brother Sunny. This guy's a fucking champ. Whenever he's not going out with me he's got girls wearing school girls uniforms for him. He does competition MMA and he's a fucking badass to boot.

I hadn't seen him for a while, so we sat around drinking and shooting the shit for a while. He introduced me to one of his MMA friends, and the next half an hour or so was spent drinking and talking shit. No approaches for a while.

Then some girl comes and sits next to me and starts talking to me. It was going well, but the girl then starts insulting geeks and I would have none of it. I told her, I said "Fuck you! Geeks are awesome! I'm going to get my posse together and we're going to full take you on with pocket protectors and everything!"

....she leaves....

"Oh I'm sorry! Are you not comfortable sleeping with a guy who codes C++ and plays computer games....whore....why don't you go back to your pansy ass friends who talk about the more important stuff in life like new Veronicas songs and how hot Zach Effron is." I didn't tell her this, but it was conveyed in my stare.


Then I do a 3-set sitting down. "Hey! How are you going girls!". In. Ugly one makes friends while the two prettier ones act bratty. I move over and give ugly one more attention. Fully logical. No sexuality. Pretty ones are intrigued and start interrupting our chodeversation. Unfortunately I didn't think to go back to the pretty ones. I think I played the whole "Give the friends more attention" card a bit too long. So I ejected.

And then it happened....the GLORY set

We start chodeing about, and Sunny tells me to approach a 2-set sitting down. I start walking towards them, and I see that there are no seats around. I head back to Sunny and tell him "Man! I can't talk to them standing up...that'll be shit". He assumes I have choded out and accepts it. And then I see it...the glory throne....a seat just behind the girls which I could use to my advantage.

It couldn't have been more glorious. Cherubs sprinkling petals over it while playing trumpets. A ray of light shining down from the cracked roof.

Now you might think: "But Anu! You can't approach now. You broke the 3-second rule". To you I say this:

Fuck the 3-second rule. Fuck it's mother. Fuck it's father. Fuck it's ancestors for 7 generations. There is no more 3-second rule in my vocabulary.

I pick up the chair, move it around in front of the set and go "Hey! You girls look cool so I had to come talk to you!" I'm going to call my girl HBBraces and her friend HBFriend. HBBraces says "We are cool!" I say awesome and introduce myself to both. Here is how the interaction went:

Me: Hey! You have look super cute in them!
HBBraces: Shutup! (turns out she was self conscious about her braces)
Me: *blah blah blah*
HBBraces: *blah blah blah*
Me: *some random statement followed by* and fuck it makes me want to kiss you.

HBBraces grabs my neck pulls me in and starts making out with me. After the makeout:

Me: Let's get a drink.
HBBraces: Okay.

I grab her hand and lead her to the bar. In the middle of the bar, in the middle of like 30 people, we start making out and groping each other. I start to move her around to get closer to the bar. Everytime we stop, she pulls my head in and starts making out with me. If I don't give her my head she starts kissing my neck. I'm grabbing her ass and fondling her breasts. She starts grabbing my ass and fondling my...wait...just the first part. While I'm at the bar waiting for my drinking she starts rubbing her hands all over my chest.

Needless to say my penis, who from here on will be referred to as Vamana (look it up) is pleasantly grateful.

Everytime we would finish one of these erotic displays, the following conversation would occur:

HBBraces: You're crazy!
Me:'re crazy!
HBBraces: *shaking her head* no you're crazy!
Me: Fuck off! You're crazy!
Me and HBBraces: *makeout*

This shit was in the bag yo!

We get our drinks, head to a somewhat isolated area, sitdown and the eroticism begins again. This time heavier. She's got her legs on top of mine. Everytime we make out I stroke her breasts, reach my hand down and start rubbing her box (this is the first time I have ever done this so I didn't really know if I was doing it right, but she offered no resistance and gave me a seductive look everytime I would do it, so clearly I was). She would reach down to my thighs and start rubbing vamana. I had to remove her hand several times as I was getting close to blowing my load.

All of this is still happening in the wide view of the public. Needless to say my reality was fucking shattered once more.

Unfortunately one of the main problems of the night was that HBFriend was there and she was getting bored. However I had already befriended her and she was all for me laying HBBraces tonight. Apparently some of her other friends were at a bar next door, so we decided to head there hoping to get rid of HBFriend. This turns out to be a bad idea.

We head next door and I immediately befriend the other friends. They love me, and leave me and HBBraces alone. I take her to the dance floor, and she is grinding me like there's no tomorrow. I spin her and she starts rubbing her ass against vamana. We go back to her friends after some dancing and I say to her quietly, "Hey, lets go to my car!". She says "Okay." but then looks at her friends and says "Oh..but my friends are here." I decide she needs more alcohol. I know I certainly did.

I take her to the bar and while I'm waiting she decides she wants to go to the bathroom. I let her go....bad idea.

I get my friends and head back to her friends, and start chatting to them. We are talking for almost 2 hours and realize HBBraces has gone missing.

This is where I truly realize the power of befriending the friends. It turns out that HBBraces has left her phone with HBFriend which means we have no way to contact her. I decide the prospect of a lay has gone south and decide to head back to the previous bar to bust open more sets. I tell her friends this and then HBFriend starts APOLOGIZING for the fact that I am not hooking up with her tonight...she even gives me the girl's number from her phone.

I was dumbfounded. I realized I need to open more mixed sets in future instead of focusing on the ones who are alone.

HBFriend called me up later on in the night to let me know they had found her. Turns out she was in the bathroom for 2 hours, off her face.

I may not have gotten a lay on this night, but just the fact that I was able to experiment with such raw sexuality is fucking awesome.

Everytime I find myself sinking (or more aptly, believing I am sinking) I push myself to go out and something like this happens.

I am looking forward to laying a girl in my car.

Sticking Points:

  • One big sticking point that has come out of this interaction is the logistics of pulling a girl. I am currently still living at home, which means my house is a no-no. It will either have to be her place, my car or the bathroom. During my 30-day challenge I will be living in a sharehouse with 6 roommates which means that will probably also be a no-no. I'll work it out somehow.
  • I need to have more conviction in pulling the girl for the lay. That is saying to her "Hey, let's go!" and also being persistent about it.
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