The Intellect Manifesto

It is at this time that I must get down on my knees, bend my head and beg for forgiveness.

"Forgive me father for I know not what I do. I have realised the folly of my sins. The ego must be dampened. The claw must come out. Your penis must be sucked..."

Wait...ignore that last part. Hehe..good times.

So I went out last night mixed with feelings of fury and nimbus. Fury stemmed from my wing Law~ doing a car pull a few nights before (the car pull is my next glory nemean lion if you will). Nimbus arose from bootcamp. It hasn't gone away. It's still there.

Mark this with a determination to revive the claw and a potent combination is in the mix. Man was it potent.

Every approach I did on this night, the claw came out. Beginning, during or the didn't matter - the claw would not rest.

Law~ approaches girl at bar. Friend comes in to talk to girl. Friend is cutie. I approach with "Why are you girls harrassing my boy?" . Friend says "We aren't harrassing him". I claw her waist and say in a mock tone "Yeah I bet you weren't". We are cheek to cheek while I'm talking to her. She asks me my name. I was already in. I could have kept going but I needed to shit pretty bad. So I did.

We bounce to another club. As we are entering, two hotties are walking our way. I get in the way of one of them, and block her path. Wherever she moves I reflect her motion. Then the claw comes out. I pick her up and am turning her like a fan blade. She shrieks. Friend pulls her away. Blurgh!!!!

At the bar. Totally random shit. Claw a hottie in front of me and go "Why are you getting in my way and shit" (all with a smile of course). Totally illogical shit. She smiles back and says "What? What?'. Friend pulls her away. As she is leaving she turns around and goes "I wasn't getting in your way?". She didn't have to do that but she did. Starting recognise these signs more these days.

On the dancefloor. Best. Set. Ever. I'm in the zone again. Love dancing. State reaches super sayan levels. Girls flock around me. After much chodeing claw a girl and go "Woman, you are stepping on my toes." Girl is drunk and happy as hell. She falls. Like literally falls.I am unable to prepare for this sudden increase in downward momentum. I go down with her. She spills her drink all over my top. That shit is going to be hard to remove from the fabric. Fury builds. I pick her up. She wraps her legs around my waist. I spin her around. I go for the makeout. No resistance, but the worst kiss ever. She's got her tongue all sticking out, and I could find no lips. It was like kissing a slimy, wet slug. She was easily mine.

But I pushed her the fuck away. There are two reasons why I did this (on a more serious, lets-learn-some-stuff note). First, my push-pull methods are currently uncalibrated. Either I push them too far away (like "I don't really want to have sex with you. I would rather jack off to internet porn.") or I pull them too much (like "I've got you in a chokehold. What are you going to do now, bitch?"). The second is the major success barrier that I have mentioned oh so many times. I am still somewhat scared of the pull.

Ahh...the claw. It is unsheathed.
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the claw is great :) mystic magic method ^^

Also try some friendly verbal game :D you are into negging, arent you?
I go with the "super cute boy with childish mentality"-mentality ^^
mix that with dominance!works great! ^^

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