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For the last couple of days I have had a deep-seated fear in my interactions.

I know that the coaches and students say to go out as often as possible and to get as much reference experiences as possible, but one of my greatest worries is "How do I learn without someone more experienced with me all the time?"

This worry arose from a sense of lacking when it came to escalation and isolation in my interactions.

On the 7th of February all of my fears were put to rest.

First a brief history.

I had had a decent night on the 5th with plenty of opens and hooks but no proper closes.

On the 6th I had a massively shit night, with a single digit number of approaches. On this day first I had an epiphany.

Chode Circle - My Achilles Heel

These days, when I go out I find I am always massively in state. My guess is this is a result of my bootcamp, being indifferent to the result and wanting to go out and have a fun time.

However I find that there is one thing that can completely and utterly any semblance of state I have.

This is the chode circle. In particular the chode circle of game.

The chode circle is a familiar concept. The gathering of multiple guys (gamers or not) in a central location with no approaches.

The chode circle of game is the addition of the icing to the proverbial cake. It is the combination of the chode circle with the activity of talking about gaming concepts within said circle.

I cannot emphasize how much of a state downer this is. If you're not already in your head during the night, the CCoG will put you there.

Thus I make this vow as of right now:

I vow right now never to enter a chode circle again unless I pull.

The 7th

So as a result of my shit night on the 6th, I decided to go out on the 7th despite none of my wings coming out. That is, I was going out alone.

And if the chode circle is my achilles heel, then going out alone is my Thor's hammer.

I literally never lost state this night. Even as I was driving home in my car, I was in a state of positive euphoria.

As a result I opened like crazy, and was opened like crazy.

Now going back to that issue of: "Can I learn things like escalation on my own?" just by going out.

At one point I was at the bar getting a drink for myself. HBDrums standing next to me. I call her HBDrums because she had some weird fascination with drums.

She was cute. She was smiling at me. I opened her without hesitation. Something about some guy in front who was doing some magic trick. She apparently made fun of him, and I told her off (playfully of course) for not supporting the dark arts.

She was lovely. Hooked onto my every word. She had a great persona as well.

I should mention now that on this day I had gone over Alexander~'s latest article on Outer Game, and as I process the night now, I realize how close to reality it is for a good interaction. So I'm going to post my interaction here according to the subheadings.

Caveat here about not getting too in your head about these subheadings, and trying to fit your interaction within the different sections. Just read the article and keep the headings in the subconscious.

Pre open, Opener

This is already covered above. I opened her at the bar.

Group Theory

Conveniently all her friends were at the bar, and she introduced me to all of them. No fatties among them (phew!), and they all loved me. Her friend was having a birthday and I gave her a hug.


Attraction was almost instantaneous in this interaction. She was laughing at my jokes, and was loving every minute of the interaction.


While I was talking to her at the bar, I did the standard escalation stuff. Two steps forward one step back. Hug, turn away. High five, push away.


Isolation is where I had the real epiphany this night.

After a few interactions at the bar, I walked away. I don't know why I did this. I just got my drink and walked away. I did a few approaches after leaving the bar, and then went back to get another drink (I get dehydrated really quickly).

While at the bar the second time I saw HBDrums on the dance floor, with a chode trying to do salsa or some other twirly dance with her. I remember this chode because he was grinding her friend earlier.

At this point my intent and fury started building up. I was determined not to let it fall into negative fury though. I kept maintaining my state.

But I said to myself: "Anu, if this chode so much as gets a makeout from this girl, you have failed tonight." 

So here's what I did: I said "Fuck this drink" walked away from the bar, grabbed HBDrums's hand WHILE SHE WAS DANCING WITH THE CHODE, and said "Hey come with me I need to talk to you". She came without hesitation.

Needless to say, chode was left bewildered.

I took her to a slightly less noisy place, and said to her: "Hey, when I met you earlier I fell in love with your energy, and there was no way I was going to let you go tonight". She laughed.

Here I might have made a slight mistake. I made out with her. The make out was very brief. When I realized what I had done, I pulled away, which might have worked to my benefit.

I used the standard phone number technique (thank you BP):

Me: Hey, how drunk are you?
HB: Not very
Me: Because if I give you a call tomorrow I want you to remember me.
HB: I swear I will.
Me: *with a slightly skeptical look* Are you sure?
HB: Yeah! Definitely!
Me: Okay...give my your number....Okay I'll call you now so you have mine.

Poetry in Motion.

[Value Inversion, Rapport Vibing and Qualification

I sat down with her. She started gaming me. Asking me questions. I put four sections into the one above, because I don't want to go into too much detail about what we talked about.

We ended up having several commonalities. She was an arts student and I told her it would be awesome to have someone to go to cultural shows with, because all my friends are geeks. She said none of her friends go to such shows either, and she would love to go with me. I thought this was good because it moves the interaction away from sexual relations, and more about the day 2.

She played the violin. She loved "The Simpsons" (I would say, "Who doesn't?" but I have met girls who don't like "The Simpsons" - I lost my faith in mankind on those days).

I finished the night with, "Okay I gotta go find my friends now" and left. Now I must make the call.

So yes. You can keep learning these things just by going out and interacting.
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