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Okay, in an attempt to revitalise my writing once more, and due to a sudden onslaught of inspiration from a rereading of Jeffy's "Advanced Keyboard Jockeying" post, it's time to write again.

Went out last night to an indie club with Law~ and Parks. Fun times - although a lot of it was due to alcohol. I've been having some very conflicting inner psyche issues about drinking alcohol when going out. I guess it's due to all the "Don't drink. It's a crutch" messages hurled from different information sources. I decided yesterday to fuck what everyone says. I like drinking. It's not like I'm a raging alcoholic. I don't need to drink that much to get drunk, which means there is no weight issue. I definitely don't need it for my game. But it just seems right to drink. I mean, it's a goddamn bar. And if it does improve my chances of getting laid then why the fuck not?

Two personal cons that I'm still battling with however. The first is a finances issue which is really my own stupidity. I should be drinking outside at happy hours and then going to the club, rather than buying $6-$8 beers. The second issue is that I am a person who highly values my brain. I am discovering things about it right now that are both baffling and intriguing. So the knowledge that alcohol destroys brain cells, even though the effect is temporary, is very scary.

Whatever...I'll do what I want!

Anyway, back to the night.

Once I do start drinking I become on fire. State reigns supreme. I open like crazy, and not just girls. I just go around making a lot of friends in the club. I reach high energy levels. Oh...and I bring the party.

But of course, ultimately, although this is improving considerably, I am still a man of inaction when it comes to extraction and full closing.

Additionally, I find I am having very conflicting goals at the moment. I want to start getting numbers because I want to start going for day 2s, but the high-energy/make-out/gropage/try-for-ONS game is just so much fun!!!

My resolution for this is to just let the night decide what will happen, but try to put a 50/50 focus on the numbers/makeouts dichotomy rather than the 20/80 that it's at at the moment.

Having said that however, I found my best sets from last night were both chilled game. The first one was a goddess - in my eyes anyway. I had recently finished watching Jeffy's part in Transformations, and it made me realize that I really don't have a clue what my perfect girl would be like. Well this girl was it.

Long, black, smooth hair. Dark, brown eyes. A slender and petite body. She was definitely my type.

I just approached her with "Hey. I just had to let you know that you are, like, the perfect girl for me." She gave me this truly genuine smile that melted me. Then she gave me the boyfriend line. I know I should have kept persisting because she was, without a doubt, flattered, but I just left her.

But I appreciate the fact that I do now have the courage to talk to this girl who I would previously never have approached. Next time I meet someone like her, the set will definitely last longer.

The second good set was a girl I number closed. Without going too much into it the set was hooked, we vibed but the most important part is that I ran a textbook number close - early in the interaction, full casual, initial resistance but persistence paid off. I still expect a flake but number closing is a sticking point for me right now, and I want to try to get more sets like this in. Need to start getting dates.

I want to also present one very interesting lesson I learnt last night:

Dealing with Plebe Chodes

I have noticed recently, amongst the social matrix, that there are two kinds of chodes. The first kind is what I call positive chodes. These are the guys who have that good-natured quality about them. They are classified as chodes because they haven't learnt game, but if they did do so, they would probably do quite well at it. These are the kinds that CAN offer some value and are worth having around as friends. They are the kinds who can become your cheerleaders.

The second group is what I classify as Plebe Chodes - the lowest of the chodes. These are the chodes that make you lose faith in mankind whenever they unwittingly - and unfortunately - pop up in your peripherals. They are the chodes who go into a club and think it's cool to have a frown on your face. They roam around in packs because, to them, the night just isn't complete until they get into a fight with another pack of like-minded individuals.

Sydney is full of Plebe Chodes.

I mean...full of them.

Recently, and especially last night, I have been having some fun with Plebe Chodes. Completely by chance mind you. I'm not going around looking for these tools, but somehow I seem to bump into atleast one every night. Alexander~ once told me it's because I am a conservative kind of guy, and dress quite conservatively when in the club is why I am usually a prime target.

I have discovered that these Plebens are harmless to the point of being squashable. You know what is the most powerful weapon in one's arsenal for defeating these guys:

Your smile.

I have gotten into several situations (some involving girls, others just random) where a Plebe has come up and decided to start shit with me, and I have disarmed each and everyone with the power of my smile. Last night especially was an interesting event.

I was on the dance floor, and it was quite crowded. But that didn't faze me. I just kept dancing. I was in massive state and had solid frame control, and noone was able to push me out of the way.

Cue a bunch of Plebes behind me. They decide that the dance floor is theirs and theirs only. They start pushing everyone out of the way by dancing all over the place.

Then they get to me.

Of course I won't have any of it.

Despite their futile efforts to push me away, I am immovable. I hold my stance and keep dancing away. I don't bother trying to push them away. I'm just too in my own awesome reality to care.

This makes them angry. They turn and face me with the frown that is the epitome of the Plebe. I turn and face them with this smile that is the epitome I am just feeling so positive and happy that I have this massive, genuine clown smile on my face.

The Plebes are standing there unable to decide what to do next. They were expecting another Plebe with a frown so that they could start a fight. One of them actually turns to the other and goes "Man! What the fuck is wrong with this guy!" They are confused as hell. They keep giving me the frown of death but it only makes me happier.

You know what they did? They left the dancefloor. Yeah, that's right. They were actually looking for a fight and when they couldn't find one they decided to go look somewhere else.

Like I said. Faith. Mankind. Gone.

So the lesson of the day is: Never lose that smile.

I love having a smile.

I love being positive.

What else is there?
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