The Intellect Manifesto

First of all, lets go back to my previous post in my field report journal where I mentioned some sticking points I had. Remember that last sticking point? And I quote:

I need to learn how to grope private areas without inhibition.

Well I would like to decree that I am a fucking god. I blew this shit out of the water one day after I wrote it down. It just goes to show the hierarchical levels of awesomeness that reside within me.

But onto the night in question:

I headed out with my bootcamp brother Sunny. This guy's a fucking champ. Whenever he's not going out with me he's got girls wearing school girls uniforms for him. He does competition MMA and he's a fucking badass to boot.

I hadn't seen him for a while, so we sat around drinking and shooting the shit for a while. He introduced me to one of his MMA friends, and the next half an hour or so was spent drinking and talking shit. No approaches for a while.

Then some girl comes and sits next to me and starts talking to me. It was going well, but the girl then starts insulting geeks and I would have none of it. I told her, I said "Fuck you! Geeks are awesome! I'm going to get my posse together and we're going to full take you on with pocket protectors and everything!"

....she leaves....

"Oh I'm sorry! Are you not comfortable sleeping with a guy who codes C++ and plays computer games....whore....why don't you go back to your pansy ass friends who talk about the more important stuff in life like new Veronicas songs and how hot Zach Effron is." I didn't tell her this, but it was conveyed in my stare.


Then I do a 3-set sitting down. "Hey! How are you going girls!". In. Ugly one makes friends while the two prettier ones act bratty. I move over and give ugly one more attention. Fully logical. No sexuality. Pretty ones are intrigued and start interrupting our chodeversation. Unfortunately I didn't think to go back to the pretty ones. I think I played the whole "Give the friends more attention" card a bit too long. So I ejected.

And then it happened....the GLORY set

We start chodeing about, and Sunny tells me to approach a 2-set sitting down. I start walking towards them, and I see that there are no seats around. I head back to Sunny and tell him "Man! I can't talk to them standing up...that'll be shit". He assumes I have choded out and accepts it. And then I see it...the glory throne....a seat just behind the girls which I could use to my advantage.

It couldn't have been more glorious. Cherubs sprinkling petals over it while playing trumpets. A ray of light shining down from the cracked roof.

Now you might think: "But Anu! You can't approach now. You broke the 3-second rule". To you I say this:

Fuck the 3-second rule. Fuck it's mother. Fuck it's father. Fuck it's ancestors for 7 generations. There is no more 3-second rule in my vocabulary.

I pick up the chair, move it around in front of the set and go "Hey! You girls look cool so I had to come talk to you!" I'm going to call my girl HBBraces and her friend HBFriend. HBBraces says "We are cool!" I say awesome and introduce myself to both. Here is how the interaction went:

Me: Hey! You have look super cute in them!
HBBraces: Shutup! (turns out she was self conscious about her braces)
Me: *blah blah blah*
HBBraces: *blah blah blah*
Me: *some random statement followed by* and fuck it makes me want to kiss you.

HBBraces grabs my neck pulls me in and starts making out with me. After the makeout:

Me: Let's get a drink.
HBBraces: Okay.

I grab her hand and lead her to the bar. In the middle of the bar, in the middle of like 30 people, we start making out and groping each other. I start to move her around to get closer to the bar. Everytime we stop, she pulls my head in and starts making out with me. If I don't give her my head she starts kissing my neck. I'm grabbing her ass and fondling her breasts. She starts grabbing my ass and fondling my...wait...just the first part. While I'm at the bar waiting for my drinking she starts rubbing her hands all over my chest.

Needless to say my penis, who from here on will be referred to as Vamana (look it up) is pleasantly grateful.

Everytime we would finish one of these erotic displays, the following conversation would occur:

HBBraces: You're crazy!
Me:'re crazy!
HBBraces: *shaking her head* no you're crazy!
Me: Fuck off! You're crazy!
Me and HBBraces: *makeout*

This shit was in the bag yo!

We get our drinks, head to a somewhat isolated area, sitdown and the eroticism begins again. This time heavier. She's got her legs on top of mine. Everytime we make out I stroke her breasts, reach my hand down and start rubbing her box (this is the first time I have ever done this so I didn't really know if I was doing it right, but she offered no resistance and gave me a seductive look everytime I would do it, so clearly I was). She would reach down to my thighs and start rubbing vamana. I had to remove her hand several times as I was getting close to blowing my load.

All of this is still happening in the wide view of the public. Needless to say my reality was fucking shattered once more.

Unfortunately one of the main problems of the night was that HBFriend was there and she was getting bored. However I had already befriended her and she was all for me laying HBBraces tonight. Apparently some of her other friends were at a bar next door, so we decided to head there hoping to get rid of HBFriend. This turns out to be a bad idea.

We head next door and I immediately befriend the other friends. They love me, and leave me and HBBraces alone. I take her to the dance floor, and she is grinding me like there's no tomorrow. I spin her and she starts rubbing her ass against vamana. We go back to her friends after some dancing and I say to her quietly, "Hey, lets go to my car!". She says "Okay." but then looks at her friends and says "Oh..but my friends are here." I decide she needs more alcohol. I know I certainly did.

I take her to the bar and while I'm waiting she decides she wants to go to the bathroom. I let her go....bad idea.

I get my friends and head back to her friends, and start chatting to them. We are talking for almost 2 hours and realize HBBraces has gone missing.

This is where I truly realize the power of befriending the friends. It turns out that HBBraces has left her phone with HBFriend which means we have no way to contact her. I decide the prospect of a lay has gone south and decide to head back to the previous bar to bust open more sets. I tell her friends this and then HBFriend starts APOLOGIZING for the fact that I am not hooking up with her tonight...she even gives me the girl's number from her phone.

I was dumbfounded. I realized I need to open more mixed sets in future instead of focusing on the ones who are alone.

HBFriend called me up later on in the night to let me know they had found her. Turns out she was in the bathroom for 2 hours, off her face.

I may not have gotten a lay on this night, but just the fact that I was able to experiment with such raw sexuality is fucking awesome.

Everytime I find myself sinking (or more aptly, believing I am sinking) I push myself to go out and something like this happens.

I am looking forward to laying a girl in my car.

Sticking Points:

  • One big sticking point that has come out of this interaction is the logistics of pulling a girl. I am currently still living at home, which means my house is a no-no. It will either have to be her place, my car or the bathroom. During my 30-day challenge I will be living in a sharehouse with 6 roommates which means that will probably also be a no-no. I'll work it out somehow.
  • I need to have more conviction in pulling the girl for the lay. That is saying to her "Hey, let's go!" and also being persistent about it.
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