The Intellect Manifesto

First of all, I came up with a new mantra that's going to go around everywhere in front of me:

"If the mind is willing the spirit is strong. If the spirit is strong the body is capable."

On again last night.....

Nimbus was strong, energy was high.

Two main sets that shows considerable improvement in game:

First Set

Two girls. Blondes. Sitting at a table. Approached with "Hey! How're you girls doing tonight?"...blah, blah, blah....Need to improve on being more illogical.

Once hoooked, moved from across the table from the blondes to between them. Engaged the target. Banter, banter, banter...expression all the way.

Target asks me, and I quote: "What's your situation? You're a good looking guy. How come you're still single?" 

I was already in. Now it was just a matter of getting the number and escalating.

Didn't do either. Instead I made up a GINORMOUS lie about my current girl situation. No congruence.

Then I started to do everything wrong. I became entertainer chode, and started impressing (and I mean major impressing). No escalation and no dominance.

I became amazingly beta - following them around to the bar. Apologizing...goddamn apologizing. Eventually they saw me as a, and I quote, "Fabulous Guy" but they just weren't looking for a relationship right now.


Why didn't they just paint me in pink and put a giant "FAG" sign on my head.

Could have plowed further but was seething with fury about it. Not about getting the girls, but about doing the wrong things.

Oh the old saying goes..."Succeed or Learn"

Second Set

Asian beauty from UK with a Blonde. One of my wings Sonny (aka Swiftlinx) had opened the Blonde earlier and received the reponse: "All men are cunts, all men are cunts,...."

He told me to open the blonde with "All men are not cunts!". I did.

Without warning Asian chimes in with "Yeah...I know. I didn't believe that at all."

The kino started almost immediately. She quite literally fell all over me. Coming in for hugs, kisses and high fives every so often.

I figure it's time to practice some kino and dominance on this girl. Sonny has engaged the blonde so this one's all mine.

I started doing all kinds of push pull. She'd come in for a hug, I'd reciprocate then push her away.

She gave me the "I have a boyfriend" line. Perfect. I practiced Jeffy's "That's fair..yadda, yadda, yadda" and continuing on. Back to kino.

I have to do Jeffy's "Irrelevant. Cut the shit. Time to fuck." soon...the time is nigh.....

We head to the bar which is right next to dance floor. I throw her around like a fucking rag doll. Literally. I'm doing all kinds of dance moves that I have never learnt.

She even tells me: "You're throwing me around like a ragdoll". I say "Yes...because tonight you are my ragdoll." She laughs. We grind. I push her away. She comes back.

I go for the makeout...rejected. Dance some more. Makeout...rejected.....Dance again...

Third time's the charm right? Apparently not. Go for the third one and friend (while doing shots with Sonny) shouts out "She has a boyfriend!" . can almost see the clockwork of her mind judge the value of her relationship against a great night out tonight with me. She apparently decides on the former and turns her face away at the exact time that friend shouts that out.

I could have plowed this one as well. I gotta get in the habit of dominance plowing now.....also I realized that when Sonny and Blonde were doing shots, I should also have done a shot with the Asian. She started sobering up when I started dancing with her.

The dance gets stale...she leaves me...while her friend is making out with Sonny...

I'm at 85% and growing.....

Great. Fucking. Night.
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