The Intellect Manifesto

Individually these two elements are superior in their own right. Don't nobody tell me I can't drank the drank or crank the crank (for future reference, the crank is a dance move so powerful that it's primary action - the hip thrust - impregnates everyone within a 200 meter radius). If I have a couple of beers I am loosened up and approaching becomes natural. If I am dancing the girls see me having the time of my life and want to join my party. So you would think that putting the two together would result in a tour-de-force of epic proportions, the likes of which can only be rivalled by an armada of deathstars.

You would be wrong.

The problem is that when the two are combined I become TOO MUCH in my own reality. As in "Go away. I am having fun on my own." The girls still flock around me when I am dancing but I just keep on dancing as the alcohol's effect take over me. In the past, most of the times I use the claw on the dancefloor, I have been sober or sober minus one beer. This gets me much better results than when I start slurring my speech and just leave because the girl has gotten too boring.

Additinally if I am not dancing I usually get bored, man up and approach and results usually follow. This is even if I'm blind as a fucking bat.

So tonight I'll need to go out and restrict alcohol consumption to a max of one beer, and dancing to only dance once you're moving a girl around. Then you start grinding her and vamana will be happy.
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Love your writingskills mate! Looking forward to more, heheh!
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