The Intellect Manifesto

I start my 30-day challenge today. In the interest of writing and record-keeping I post a small prelude here of my current state-of-mind.

This 30-day challenge of mine is not just to improve my game, although that is my primary focus, but also to take responsibility of my life.

My life has been a sheltered one for the most part. I was born an only child and, as a result, was doted on by my parents. I didn't exactly have a wealthy upbringing, but we were well-off for the most part. One could say that a lot of things that I have received in my life, I have
received on a silver platter. On the whole my life has been pretty average.

That's not to say that there aren't things in life that I have worked hard for. My academic and intellectual life is living proof of this. Where other students would screw around in high school and university with girls and parties I focused on my studies and grew academically. And if you think I regret this in any way shape or form, I don't. It has made me who I am today, and I am sincerely proud of it. And it's not like I didn't have a social life. I still went out and had some fun times with my own clique of friends. 

But now - especially now - I realized that my sheltered life is not enough. I can't live at home all my life. I need to face adversity to become a man through it.

So for this 30-day challenge I am moving out for the first time in my life. I AM going to go out every night and approach, but at the same time I intend to have a firm hold on my life. This means sticking to my sleep goals and maximizing the hours awake. This means continuing to
work on my doctorate despite days of fatigue. This means continuing to eat healthy and going to the gym on a tight schedule.

Above all, this means not taking shit from anyone. Taking responsibility for my own actions.

It's time to wake out of this trance.
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