The Intellect Manifesto

Yeah, I know...I'm skipping field reports again. But you know what, you know what?

Heh...babies are so wise....

Day 18 - Thursday

So after that hectic, awesome, fully-turbo night on Wednesday, I ended up resting on my laurels on Thursday. Basically telling everyone about the Wednesday night and how awesome it was.

Ego much?

But I excuse myself in this particular instance, because it WAS my first time, and I DID have something to be proud of. But I have to watch this shit in the future. I'm hoping once it becomes commonplace enough I don't make such a big deal of it.

But I did end up going out on Thursday night. I had hoped that because I had been barren all my life, I would not lose my sexual drive on Thursday (as many posters on this forum has mentioned would happen). Turns out my hope was all in vain. I guess in many cases the human body is quite predictable. I had almost no drive to be sexual with girls on Thursday night. I barely had the energy to approach.

But I was determined to keep myself past the indifference threshold. So I went over to about 6 or 7 girls and told them

Me: "Hey, I don't have the time or the energy. Do you wanna make out with me?"

I didn't get any makeouts but, hey, I didn't get kicked in the nuts either, so it was all good. Hell, one girl even reopened me later. I then proceeded to reverse-claw her and pull her in, but then I had nothing. Didn't even have the energy to lean my head in for a quick peck.

Day 19 - Friday

Friday night was pretty good except for one fucked up incident. Met up with Alexander and new bootcamp recruits at the Argyle. Alexander dry humped me in public.

There Alex, my second lay report posted.

So that incident. Yeah I was talking to this girl earlier in the night, and it was going really good. I got sexual/physical with her straight away, (hugging her, swinging her around, licking her finger). She was definitely a DTF girl, and if I had played it right I'm sure it would have gone somewhere. She was only in town for like a day, so no repercussions either. But I did the stupid thing again of getting her number and walking away.

I wasn't really affected by this, but later on I saw another RSD wing get her number as well. This, for some reason, really fucked with me. I guess the reason being that it wasn't a chode who was trying but someone who knew his shit. A bit off competition if you will. And, apparently, I'm not ready to face competition yet.

Fucking pussy. I'd better be ready because the Sydney crew is growing by the handful and it's going to get a lot tougher around here.

Day 20 - Saturday

Here's what I remember of Saturday:

- 9:30 pm: Played darts with school friends. Everytime a player lost, they would have to take a shot of vodka. I played this game with the two guys who owned the dart board - so 3 guesses as to who lost most of the time.
- 6 am: Somehow ended up in the backseat of my car with my hands down my pants. Luckily I hadn't beated off (or I had but couldn't finish the deed because of the absurd amount of alcohol in my system)

God I hate Smirnoff's. And despite my having numerous horrible parleys with it (see here) I just can't seem to let go.

Day 21 - Sunday

A side of hangover with a dashing of pure, distilled torture. No going out on this night.

Day 22 - Monday

And I'm back. Or atleast a little. Decided to go out despite feeling a bit under the weather. Ended up complaining all night because I was feeling motherfucking exhausted. But despite this I managed to pick up (like literally) a cutie Swedish girl and then bluecunt her....oh well.

Tonight will be mayhem.
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