The Intellect Manifesto

These last few days are the first time I have missed out on writing field reports. I cannot profess why I didn't write them without being negative, so I shall not.

Day 13 - Friday

Went to a local nightclub with Law~. The night was going great at the beginning. Lots of sets hooked. Then blowout deluxe extraordinaire.

A 2-set sitting at a table looking all sad. Opened with "Why are you guys sad in a nightclub?" No response. Kept persisting and talking shit. Girl2, clearly drunk off her face, starts telling me to fuck off for no apparent reason whatsoever. I didn't give a fuck. I kept persisting with Girl1. Then Girl1 gets up, pushed me in the chest and yells "Fuck Off!"

I left with a smile. But it was a cover. State had been utterly and completely destroyed.

But looking back on it, I realised something. I didn't die.

Awwww....a girl didn't like is wrong with you? There's another one over there...keep going.


Day 14 - Saturday

Hit up the Argyle alone. Again lots of good hooks. Only 2-set with solid lessons

First set was a cute irish girl. Very friendly. Very hooked. But then chode guy friend came along. I left without even finding out if he was a boyfriend or not.
What the fuck is this bullshit?

Second set was a 2-set at the bar. Both girls were into me. But since I didn't have a wing I couldn't isolate my target. I got their numbers but did it in a stupid way. I asked for both their numbers as an excuse to get my girl's number. But the thing is the other girl was clearly not interested in me, as she wouldn't give me her number but asked me to enter mine in hers. I had kept the interaction completely logical with her. Need to stop giving a fuck what others think.

Day 14 to 15 - Sunday

Had to stay at home for two reasons: I had the equine flu - you know from all the unprotected sex with magnificent stallions - and I wanted to recuperate from the previous shit nights. Give my social muscles a chance to recover, so to speak.

Day 15 - Monday

Hit up side bar again. Man am I sick of that place. Every single person seems to feel the need to ask "Where I'm from" as the first question.

Anyway, did atleast 5-sets, the last of which studied at my uni. Got her number and will call her up - for tea and sex.
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