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Another moderate night. Actually I can't really decide if it was a good night or not.

I went out with Yan again to Sidebar (same place as the night before). Met up with Wil who had done the bootcamp with Yan. If you're reading this man I hope to see more of the both of you out.

Sydney is proving to be a formidable contender.

So we're hanging out and chatting inside when who should I see but the girls from last night.

Fate, destiny and all that....or more like they lived right above the bar and couldn't be fucked venturing out to other places.

Anyway, so I decide to open my girl again. Awesome friendly. Befriended the friends once more. And that's when the night took a turn for the weird....

See the girl was in a group of 4 girls. All close friends. A pretty closely-knit clique. I remember somewhere from Alexander's teachings that you should be sexual with your target and fully logical with the others.

The thing is, I couldn't seem to turn it off even with the friends. I was initiating physical contact with each and every one of them, and every one of them was hooked.

Weird then took on a whole 'nother level when my target went to the toilet with one of the other friends. During this time, one of her friends (who was herself quite hot) started getting close and physical with me and asked to exchange facebook details with me. I'm talking full on, breast rubbing, let's hug each other so the chode can take a picture of us close.

This put me in a fucking confused headspace.

As a result I just didn't know what to do. I couldn't decide whether to go to for one or the other. Vamana had taken over and decided that both needed to be done, but my rational mind decided that wasn't going to happen, and so I lapsed into utter inaction.

But this was inaction of the worst kind. I decided to hang around the girls for most of the night, hoping for something to happen, which meant no other approaches and a serious man-down.

Pissed off.

Still, the night wasn't all in vain. The highlight was me rocking it on the floor with four girls around me, and chodes trying to come in to do their chodey thang. Things turned especially high-larious when two chodes decide to come in and do the purposeless hand of doom on the girls, and the girls look at me like "Who are these weirdos?"

Still, this inaction is annoying......
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 Hey mate, Im following, and liking.. pretty cool

I've had this situation of friends of my girls trying to get me.. its hard to decide when they are not warpigs :S
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