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I went out with Yan (forum name: Wayne) last night. He was flying all the way in from Israel to Sydney to do an Alexander bootcamp and was riding that bootcamp high on Sunday.

...memories.....*cue violins*...*sniff*...

We chatted for a bit about his experience and then head in.

Grab a beer and head to a quiet place near the entrance. While we're talking a girl in black comes up and is planning to go out. She goes the wrong way and runs into a barricade.

Clearly we have to pay her out about this.

Turns out she was just looking for attention. I am becoming quite attuned to recognizing such situations now.

I keep paying her out, then claw her in. Yan, recognizing the signals, decides to leave and find other girls. I push her against a wall and makeout ensues.I should have pulled her around and kept interacting but didn't. This turns out to be the better choice in the end anyway.

Yan then enters a 2-set of very cute girls. He starts chatting one up and I wing him by occupying the other.

It turns out to be an awesome interaction. I get the girls number but once more I make the mistake of focusing on the number rather than the sexuality for a traveller. I met up with this girl several times during the night, and every time she would come and start grinding me. She was definitely down for tonight but I didn't man up and take it all the way. I think part of the reason for this was her friends were there with her.

One of the biggest things I have taken away from this night is a sense of calm and patience that seems to pervade me now in my interactions. I don't know if this is because of the challenge or just a matter of long-term growth but I find myself able to approach and hook so much easier now.

There is no impatience in trying to approach or trying to get laid - as there use to be. As the night unfolds in front of me, I know something will happen. Whether this something is good, bad or ugly I yield yet another adventure in my life.

Anyway, good night compared to the previous one. Next set of goals:
- Reduce sexual inaction.
- Try the bathroom pull.
- Keep working on the numbers but mainly with locals.

Sticking Point to tackle
- Maintaining sexuality without coming off creepy.
- Asking a girl to come home with me.
- Asking a girl to come to my car with me.
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I just saw in the post "I think part of this was her friend was there with her"

Now you should know that its your job to lead the interaction.  If she's "clearly down for tonight" Man up...grab her by the hand...Isolate her, then escolate like crazy.  That will lead to your goal of the bathroom pull, the house pull, the dance floor pull (yes that happens).

Keep it up man!
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