The Intellect Manifesto

Day 7 was the first night that I didn't go out on a community-related outing. On this saturday night I went to a house party organized by an old high school friend...and I got blind.

I cannot get blind....

There were enough girls there, but once I get blind I just start acting like a dick. Because my game is of a very controlled nature, getting drunk of my ass just puts me back to square one.

The icing on the cake is when old high school friends who know I'm in the community (unfortunately, when I'm drunk, I also speak honestly and confessedly about things I don't want to confess) are trying to fuel their own ego by urging me into sets thinking they'll get a laugh when I fail.

I know there's that whole age-old community activity about impressing your friends by being an alpha male, but I really don't feel I have anything to prove to these people. This is my own journey and I'll take it at my own pace.

If I want to open I will. If I want to fuck around and be a dick then I'll do that. You don't like can kiss my hairy, black ass.

That eloquent picture has brought to mind the one memorable approach I did which started off with "Do you like anal?"

Let no man say you can't approach with whatever the fuck you want. I had a riveting 1-hour conversation with this girl having primed the engine with "Do you like anal?"

I have no idea what I said, but I remember talking about Randy Pausch, her singing career, parties in Amsterdam and, at some point, her telling me "She might have to leave her boyfriend." I would have kept going with her but then I realized I needed a beer.

The needs of the beer outweigh the needs of...well...everything else.
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