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The next rung on the eternal ladder has been reached.

The night started out enjoyable as always. I was riding on the inevitable high of the past few days of my challenge. I was happy. I was about to head out for the first weekend of my 30-day challenge. I figure something good has to happen tonight.

Something good did.

First stop was Bungalow 8. Got there with Sunny and saw Parks and BRAH there. Awesome. Bootcamp deluxe extraordinaire. Alexander was also running a bootcamp tonight with Nader there helping him. Added awesome.

I chill with the boys for a while. Nader and Sunny talking about weightlifting and MMA. Both are in some kind of comp for one or the other. Testosterone levels through the roof.

I approach 2 girls sitting down having what looks like a deep and meaningful. I don't hesitate with such sets anymore, because the way I see it, either I was wrong and they are not having a D&M and I can talk to them, or I am right, they are having a D&M and there is something seriously fucking wrong with them (in which case who else to fix them but yours truly). 

I talk random shit for a while. Both of them are cold at first, but I was able to open them up a little, only to find out both had rings on.

That was it for Bungalow. I did one set. I then looked around for more and realized something: this place was dead as. Dead with a capital zombie. Alexander confirmed. We decide to head to Argyle.

Argyle was much better but still pretty bad. It seems Sydney had pussied out on this night. Didn't stop us though. I am transcendentally glad it didn't stop me.

Me and Sunny go around looking for girls to meet. One memorable approach I had was a 2-set of 2 cuties (call them Girl1 and Girl2). The interaction went as so....

Me: Hey Girls
Girl1: We both have boyfriends
Me: What the fuck?!? You don't even know what I was going to ask you.
Girl1: Hah! Sorry! What were you going to ask?
Me: *With my best Joey from Friends impression* How you doing?
Girl1 & Girl2: *laugh*
Girl1: We really do have boyfriends you know
Girl2: Well...she has a boyfriend...I'm kinda half-half right now.

At this point Girl2 starts touching my chest and getting closer. Girl1 decides this is enough and pushes Girl2 away saying "I'm really sorry...but we really do have boyfriends."

I'm finding it amazing how easy it is getting for me to generate attraction even in difficult sets.

Moving forward a few minutes finds me at the bar in the need for some serious hydration. Woman is standing next to me and I open her. She wasn't exactly attractive or anything but I just wanted to get chatting to keep my social skills sharp.

Before I continue with my story, I must emphasize one of the most important lessons of the day: Every social opportunity (and I mean EVERY SOCIAL OPPORTUNITY) is a chance (however slim) for a lay. Even the guys.

The laws of probability state that those events that have a very slight expectation of occurence become more likely as the size of the dataset grows. What this means is that if you think talking to that guy at the bar is gay and not worth it because it won't get you laid, you just missed out on the very slight probability that his hot cousin's boyfriend just died and she is horny as fuck and just around the corner.

Where did this lesson stem from? Well it seems the woman I opened had a friend that she was trying to get hooked up. She tells me: "Hey I'm trying to set up my blonde friend. You should come over and talk to us."

I tell her "I'll see", get my drink and walk off. I didn't think anymore of it. You see I still had that mindset of "Man! Setups aren't good because someone else is doing the work." Well that particular thought pattern has been chewed up, spit out and fucked up the ass on this night. You still need to put in an effort even despite being setup.

I continued to shoot the shit with the boys for a while and just fuck around.

After a while I decide to walk around alone again to look for more girls. By chance the woman I opened at the bar and I stumble upon each other. She says "Hey come meet my friends!" I reluctantly follow her and meet the girl I am supposed to be "set up" with.

She's alright. Not hot but cute. Definitely could get it up with her. I figure I might as well run my shit on her. Any opportunity to learn and grow in this is a golden opportunity for me. know...she was drunk.

I am doing well.

I am doing really well.

We just shoot the shit and talk chode topics, but in a pretty playful manner. I start flirting with her. And then I pull out something I had learnt over the past few days of my challenge:

Me: Hey let's make out.
Her: *laughing* What?!?
Me: Come here.

Her friends watch this and are left somewhat bewildered. I don't think they expected me to work that fast. I do the makeout a couple of times. I tell her some of my passions in life, and when she laughs at a few of them I call her out on it and go "Hey don't laugh! Those are my passions in life! Maybe I should just go" 

She quickly apologises and asks me to not

She then asks me, quite suddenly, "How old are you?" I tell her "What? Where the fuck did that come from?" She laughs. Although the next few lines were a jumble of drunken ramblings, I gathered that she thought she was much older than me and that she would, and I quote , "Teach me things I had never experienced before." 

She had already assumed we were going to have sex.....

I decide to pull her away. And then the resistance starts.

Me: Let's go.
Her: No...let's stay for a while.
Me: Okay

and then...

Me: Let's go.
Her: I wanna dance.
Me: Nah...*makeout*...let's just get out of here.
Her: Okay.

I manage to pull her out of the bar. Now here is where my mind started to quickly analyze the situation and choose the best path. The kind of thing that you see people doing in movies that leads to complex prison breaks and 128-bit encryption hacks.

My car was quite far, and I figured if we walk to there she might start to lose her libido. Not good for me. I opt for the cab. This turns out to be the worse option.

We get into a cab and she leads the driver to her house. I keep making out with her every so often to maintain the sexual connection. The drive was a fairly quiet one. I probably should have kept talking to keep her mind away from what was about to happen.

We get to near her house, get out of the cab, and spend almost 40 mins looking for her house in the freezing cold. She was too drunk to remember it. After walking around for a while we find it, and she tells me she is "Going to do the sensible thing and go inside and sleep." I tell her, "Okay...can I get a glass of water first?"

I get into her house and start making out with her again. I throw her on her bed. I am on top of her again and we are making out again. Her roommate passes past and she quickly gets up and slams the door shut. I throw her on her bed again and commence the outer game once more.

I try to remove her shirt and start feeling her up underneath it. She spouts some random drunk question that I can't understand and keeps persisting me for an answer.

And all just stops.

She puts up this massive shield and I am barred from her. She hasn't become cold, but it was like she became completely and utterly sober. She tells me "I'm sorry, but I think I'm going to go to sleep now." 

I know in community terms this means I need to keep persisting but by now I am just too fazed to go on. Plus I've gotta get back to my car before the parking thing expires. I decide to leave and call it a night.

First time in a girl's bedroom motherfuckers.

Glory be thy art.
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damn man, any clue on what might've happened?
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