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Last night was....weird.

I'm starting to feel the first semblance of exhaustion and fatigue as I dwelve deeper down the rabbit hole. I hit state several times over the course of the night, and during these moments my body would be buzzing with energy and momentum. But if I didn't keep maintaining a conversation with a girl state would start to plummet quite quickly as exhaustion started to take over. I resorted to 3 red bulls last night as a result.

I have to buy that shit in bulk.

I learnt two important lessons yesterday.

While I was at the bar about to get one of the aforementioned red bulls a hottie comes and lines up next to me. I jab her. She turns around, squeals excitedly and starts hugging me. Then she tells me, "Hey! I bet my friends that if we hook up you would buy me a beer"

So that's her plan.

I tell her, "Tell you what. Let's hook up first, and if you're any good, I'll buy you that beer." She says okay, grabs me by the neck and pulls me in for a makeout.

She is determined to prove to me that she can do a good job...and boy did she ever. Now I haven't had much experience (until recently of course) in kissing girls, and of the 10 or so I had kissed maybe 2 had done a decent job.

But this girl just blew them all out of the water. I didn't want to build the sexual tension too much that early on so I tried to pull away from her during the makeout, but when I did so she felt it, pulled me in even harder and added extra effort on her part.

This happened a couple of times. That was probably the longest makeout I had ever had.

At the end of it, she says to me "So are you going to get me my beer now?"

I say to her "I don't know..that wasn't that great" and she goes "Fuck you arsehole!", slaps me on the shoulder, then pulls me in for more.

At the end of the second makeout I decide to get her the beer. The girl certainly deserved it and I was at a place where the beers were pretty cheap so no dent in my wallet.

Long story short I got the girl the beer, and she disappeared. I wasn't dissapointed. I expected she would.

But the thing is this put me seriously in my head again.

This is what I learnt about myself on this night. When I encounter some new experience like this that blows my realities I start overanalyzing things. My headspace gets cluttered with things like "How could I have handled that better", "What could I have done", "Was that a good or a bad interaction"


As a result, despite being opened by numerous girls after the makeout-beer interaction, I simply didn't have enough head space to focus on the task at hand. I guess this is me receding back behind the indifference threshold.

So important rule: Once an interaction is over, it is done with until you meet the person again. Forget about trying to sleep with an old interaction and focus on trying to sleep with the other girls around you.

The second important lesson I have found is the power of unreactiveness. I think the last couple of days have helped me really cement this concept down.

Usually when I go to a club I have this giant smile on my face and I maintain that smile throughout the night. Its a genuine smile but at the same time I have found it unnecessary when I'm not in an interaction. Furthermore I find girls a lot more responsive to a guy who can be happy without looking like a clown.

I am also finding my body language is becoming more and more calibrated. I seem to be doing the right things at the right time on an increasingly regular basis.
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Nice man glad to hear it.
I have the same problem with once I blow through a sticking point, I can only get so much further without my logic completely hijacking my mind and violently pulling me out of state.
But what I notice, is every time my mind aborts and goes back to logic, its further and further along in the interaction every time.
You will probably experience this for a while longer and I mean awhile, but it will come to a point as absurd as where you are cool with threesomes but logic eject with foursomes. Every time this happens you become stronger and it takes longer for your brain to "snap back" to "reality".
Eventually all of this will become a part of your "reality" and these snapbacks will more or less cease to happen.
I hope this helps.
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