The Intellect Manifesto

"Can You Hear the Chodeys Sing!" (sung to the tune of "Can you hear the people sing" from Les Miserables)

Can you hear the chodeys sing!
Singing the song of chodey men!
It is the music of the chodes who will never be laid again!
When the beating of the cock matches the beating of the drums!
There is a life about to end when the chodey cums!!!!!!

This song was inspired by my night out last night.

I couldn't have been more chode. Honestly. If I had choded out anymore vamana would have inverted and I would spend the rest of my life as a post-op transvestite.

I'll keep it short because the night in itself was short. I got kicked out of the line at The Eastern in Bondi because I didn't have any girls with me. So rather than opening girls I decided to head next door and drink. This is my habit of trying to bypass the task at hand with unnecessary activities.

I headed to Sidebar. I atleast opened here but the first set, although going good at first, went horribly bad when I started acting like a jerk and insulting the girl's job. I don't really care that I did this, but overdoing it meant no lay for me, and that I do care about.

I then sat around alone for about 2 hours...again with the drinking. I finally balled up and approached a 2-set where one of the girls had already hooked up with another guy. I could have sealed the deal with the other girl but I did not escalate one bit, leading to a chode conversation all night.

I don't know....I think this night was just a series of unfortunate occurences that just didn't go my way.

Also, never wait to be opened. Goddamn I keep doing this. Go and do it yourself you fucking pussy.

Time to man up tonight.
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