The Intellect Manifesto

I am loving this challenge. I truly am. I know it's still early days and from what I've heard by the end of it I'll be a dried up husk with nothing left but a physical body and no mental constitution to show for it, but fuck off and let me revel in my enjoyment for now.

I went out with BRAH to World Bar. This place is always teeming with backpackers. I have discovered an important fact about backpackers and travellers. They're in this country for a very short time so they're not looking for a fucking BFF. They are looking for a fuck. Go caveman on them.

I winged BRAH with a 2-set. Did something incredibly stupid here. The interaction was going quite well, but then I decided that to isolate her I would buy her a drink. I was able to isolate her but I really shouldn't have brought her a drink. I don't have the money for it right now and I'll be damned if I am going to buy a drink for a girl who hasn't at least given me a blowjob first.

Also...I need to stop with the drinking....

I got a makeout from some chick from "Flawreedah" but her friends were there and they wanted to get rid of me because I was the "creepy guy". So they enlisted BRAH to try to get rid of me. Yeah...sure girls...well done. Maybe you should call up the devil next and ask him to turn up the air-conditioning....dumbasses.

Personal growth: I was chilling with BRAH talking about how one of my sticking points is in getting solid numbers and chasing them up, when two girls from the States/Canada opened us. We split them between us (I got the American...dammit) and ran our shit. This is the great thing about this challenge. I can think about some goal I have and work then and there in achieving it:

Me: *blah*
Girl: *yadda, yadda, yadd* *laughs* *blah blah blah* (positive emotion spiking deluxe)
Me: Hey, we should totally hook up. Have you got a phone here? *numbers swapped*

That line "We should totally hook up" was just in the moment, but it worked so well I need to use it more often.

Let's see what happens tonight....
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