The Intellect Manifesto

Head to a backpacker-dense area in Sydney. Meet up with Law. We first enter Sidebar. The lights and colors overwhelm me. It's dead. Law assures me it gets livelier later on in the night.

We get our stamps and head to another backpacker bar called Scubar. This place is packed to the brim.....full of chodes. I see maybe 5 good looking hotties amongst a sea of drunk travellers. The music is loud and blaring. We meet Geoff and BRAH here completely by random. Random occurences are awesome. I get sick of trying to maintain a conversation in the place. Me and Law decide to head back to Sidebar. We meet Andrew (aka Herman) here. Lots of friends. Good night.

Once in, I am on again. That voice in my head erupted once more. "Remember, 30-day Challenge. Push yourself."

I tell Law: "Hey. Let's do some sets together" Full bonding session and shit. But the truth is a sticking point of mine is going into a 2-set together with a wing. I generally get too in my head about "These girls know we are trying to pick them up. This isn't going to work!"

Suffice to say plowed through that shit on this night. Me and Law enter a 2-set from switzerland. Girls were quite cold and major language barrier was there. We moved on.

We enter another 2-set from Norway. These girls were hella friendly. I was doing awesome with mine. She was totally into me but I didn't push through with the physicality and the makeout. Eventually one of their friends came and took them away.

A weird set. I was standing at the bar getting some water when two girls come up and start grinding me. They were being brats. They apparently worked at the bar and thought they owned the place. I start shaking my ass with them. One of them goes "No! We work here so we can grind you but you can't grind us". I can't make this shit up. I tell them "You call that grinding? The only reason I started was to show you how to do it" I am using the claw all over them while this is happening. They probably expected me to be all chode and start getting uncomfortable or some shit.

Fuck these brats.

Then I decided to start tackling my physicality goal again. The Claw comes out...haha!!!

I claw this girl with the cutest smile while she is walking around looking for her friends. I was being hella aggressive and her facial expression told me she was enjoying it (the smile never left) but she kept on pulling away. Unfortunately I still didn't have the conviction for the makeout and had to let her go in the end.

I claw another girl walking around with her friend. She was all for pressing against me while I held her:

Me: *blah*
HB: *blah*
ME: Whatever...Hey I wanna make out with you.
HB: I can't. My boyfriend is here somewhere.
Me: *chode out*

Another arising sticking point: Persistence in the face of tests.

I am sitting next to a water tap with drinking water. Girl comes up to fill her cup up. As she walks away I claw her hand and pull her in. I'm talking to her for a bit and she decides to go dancing. No dancing for me. Then her friend comes to the same spot looking for her. I claw her friend and go:

Me: Hey! You're looking for your friend right?
Girl: Yeah! Have you seen her?
Me: Yeah! She said she had to leave and that I should take care of you for the night.
Girl: *laughs* Liar!

I start chatting her up. While I'm doing so I am full up close with her. Vamana is nice and strong and pressing against her belly. I'm sure she could feel it but she wasn't going anywhere, and she never lost her smile. I tried for the makeout a couple of times, and she clearly wanted to but right at the last moment she would turn her face away. Eventually I gave up. Again I lost persistence.

Goals plowed through:
- Entering a 2-set with a wing.
- Physicality is now much, MUCH easier and consistent.

Goals still to tackle:
- Persistence in conversation and persistence in makeouts
- Getting numbers.
- Being persistent no matter what they say.
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