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This is the game for me,
My emotions have gone on such a fucking rollercoaster ride recently that I am losing track of them fast. When I encounter a particularly long plateau it hits me hard. On countless times I have said to myself "What is the point of all this? I'm not achieving anything." But, thankfully, on just as many times I have also said to myself "Fuck you. Keep going." Anyone who has been reading my posts knows that I give myself a hard time during the failure periods. I push myself to rise up out of the plateau - a phoenix from the ashes. And each time my efforts pay off. At my lowest something happens and I am freed from the shackles of hopelessness once more.

Last night I achieved my very first lay. This is not just in the game. This is in fucking life.

Today I feel liberated.

Onto the story:

I headed out with BRAH (aka Ashley) to a Uni party. Thank you Ash for letting me know about it. I am in your debt.

Initially we were choding about. It was Ashley's birthday and I bought him a drink. He knew a few people at the party and I knew noone. After a bit of this choding I decided to start my night. I approach a set of 3 girls. It was a costume party and they were dressed as Tinkerbell, Alice (from Alice in Wonderland) and Catwoman. Tinkerbell was hella friendly and flirty because I had guessed her costume on the first go - whoa...maybe I'm psychic. But Alice was very cold. And Catwoman was drunk.

Also, Tinkerbell was hot. Hottttttt.

So I decided to try to befriend Alice and Catwoman but while doing so Alice remained cold as and Catwoman goes massive flirty with boob-rubbing.

Guess what...I had learnt. I head learnt to keep my target in focus at all times. So I kept my focus on Tinkerbell. It looked like it was paying off initially but then Tinkerbell, with an attention span that's appropriate for a tiny, annoying, flittering fairy decides there's another guy who is more interesting. I decide..fuck this and leave.

You thought I was going to fuck one of those three didn't you?


So back to choding around. I move in on a couple of other girls but I can't seem to hold a conversation for too long.

And then I decide to do something that I try not to do very often.

I decide to get blind.

See it's not that I don't like drinking. I just hate dealing with the hangovers. That and the loss of hundreds of dollars from my bank account the next morning. But I figure since I'm choding around anyway might as well drink. I hadn't drunk heavily in a long time, and it didn't take me long to get to the stage where I started talking to myself - by my count 1 jaegerbomb and 2 gin and tonics. It's called being a cheap drunk fellas.

And once I got drunk, the bar was destroyed. I honestly don't think there was a single girl who I didn't open by the end of the night. No obstacles held me back. I would enter mixed sets where the girl is holding hands with the guy and only talk to the girl. I think now that I have honed my game a lot, my drunk game just became awesome. I would say I hit a 95% hook rate. And all of the shit I did was fucked, but fun.

Case in point: Yan had turned up on the night too and is talking to some girl at a table. Her friend is standing on the side. I claw her in and makeout ensues without any hesitation. No talking just physicality. Didn't fuck her though.

Case in point: Yan opened a girl dressed up as "I dream of Genie". Her friend was there on the side dressed up as...*gasp* how original...catwoman. (Seriously, there was a girl there dressed as Gumby. If she could come up with something like that I'm sure other girls could as well...catwoman....fuck me). I had two drinks in my hand so I opened her with,

Me: "Hey I've got two drinks in my hand so I can't fuck you tonight"

Seriously. This is the awesome shit I do when drunk. Even I didn't know I had this capability. The girl was hooked but one of her other friends pulled her away. But Yan seemed to be working the Genie chick so I let it be. But yeah didn't fuck her either.

Then this girl dressed up as one of the ninja turtles, who I had opened earlier, walks past me. I claw her in and start grinding with her. Keep in mind I don't exactly know what I'm doing. It feels right but looks oh so wrong.

Then without thought or hesitation I say to her "Come with me." Grab her hand and lead her to a couch with about 5 people around it. This was about the most isolated place in the whole area. I sit down on the couch and start making out with her. She starts grinding her vag on my thigh.

Oh yeah....this is the one.

I tell her, "We're going to my car." Grab her hand and pull her outside. While we're walking up to Aphrodite (my car, btw) I engage several wall slam makeouts. She kept on saying "I can't leave my friends" and then starts spouting some random shit and calling me Lucas. I had no idea what she was talking about so I slam her against another wall and makeout.

We get to my car and I open the backdoor and throw her in. No LMR this time. Clothes come off with some difficulty. Vamana is strong despite the alcohol. A passionate intertwination of limbs and genitals follows. For the next hour we went at it like rabbits. This was in the middle of a main street in my car. People were passing by at the rate of about 3 every 15 minutes or so and I'm sure more than one looked. However it was a cold night, the windows had fogged up, and the passion of our sex was reminiscient of a certain scene from a certain movie.

But let me tell you something. For anyone who says sex in a car is beautiful have obviously never done it before. It is a tumultuous mess. My leg cramped up so much I wanted to cut it off and beat the other leg with it because THAT one had fallen asleep. My hand was bent in shapes it was not designed for. And it is very, VERY hard to get vamana into the vag when you have little to no room to move.

I guess these are things you learn the first time.

Additionally I found I couldn't get an orgasm. Yup..that's right...despite it all I didn't reach climax. The girl did...several times apparently. I don't know if it was the alcohol or a lack of experience on her part but I simply couldn't get there. I had her try everything. Handjob, blowjob...obviously the main job...but it just wasn't happening.

I guess tonight I just have to be content with getting her off...what a gip...

But overall, still fucking awesome.

However, I think the true climax of the night came once we were done. I didn't know if she was just looking for a root but I had considerably sobered up by the end and I realize this girl is pretty goddamned cute. I'm talking blonde hair, blue eyes cute. So I decide I might want to meet up with her later. I tell her

Me: "Look, I'm goin to leave it up to you if you want me to call you tomorrow or not."
Her: "I do want that, but the thing is, I'm seeing someone at the moment."


I told her that's fine, we can still meet up. At this point we exchanged names and numbers. Yeah, that's right, we had fucked each other without knowing each others' names.

The best is yet to come....
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