The Intellect Manifesto

I do hereby decree the following: I make the best pasta sauce in the world. The Italians have got nothing on me.

Seriously, if there was a nobel prize for culinary delights, competition's over, everyone go home, why the fuck are you still here.

Yeah so, after a heavenly meal cooked by yours truly last night, I went out again.

As I envisioned however, Sydney was dead.

I went out with Yan to Darling Harbour, and checked out Cargo where there were atleast a few girls. There was some university party on and lots of girls wearing school girls uniforms and getting drunk.

The night started with me winging some chode out while Yan ran his stuff on a cute brunette. Chode says to me: "If you're friend is trying to move in on the girl I was trying to pick up, I'll go to the bathroom now."


I then fucked around with a hot blonde wearing a school girl's outfit and a clear display of cleavage. I wanted to motorboat but I just couldn't do it.

I then approached a 2-set of girls sitting down chatting. One of them had her boyfriend there so I figure I'll start running shit on the other. But when the boyfriend came back all three of them turned out to be really friendly, and I just got caught up in the conversation.

However all was not really lost. After the last three nights, I wanted to practice the "logical with friends and illogical with girl" thing and see where it took me. I would keep talking to the couple about their travels and their experiences and everytime the target would say something I would pay her out about in some illogical way.

The result was pretty awesome. The girl would keep coming back with her own random shit and trying to get attention. Meanwhile the couple were digging me more and more. So much so that I managed to score two free drinks from the guy and they even let me spend time alone with the girl allowing me to isolate without me doing anything.

But, something held me back. I simply couldn't run any kind of sexuality on her. I think the reason is because the last 3 nights had left me completely jaded in regards to running game on travellers.

Well tonight, I'm going local. Which means no excuses. I'm going to go back to some high energy stuff today, so that I can be more at ease with sexuality and being a crazy cunt.

And energy drinks, not alcohol.
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