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So the first day of my 30 days didn't start out all that well. The first set was a horrible blowout. I approached a girl on the street with "Hey! I got kicked out of this place, do you know any other good places around here?" She was cold-hearted as. She responded in a European accent with "I don't want to talk to you."


This really shook my foundations. I choded out for like an hour after this and then said to myself "No! This is fucked. You can't chode out on your 30 day challenge."  So I headed to another club, had an energy drink and started all over again. This time the results were much better. I opened a hot Brazilian girl and she hooked but I couldn't keep the conversation going. She seemed to be more interested in dancing. Probably should have run some more high energy sexual game.

I then opened a girl with "Are you from England?" She did even better than the Brazilian. She actually stopped and talked to me. She had really awesome eyes and I told her so. She wanted to keep interacting with me but her friends pulled her away.

That's it. Overall not one of my better nights but hey...29 more to go!
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Whats the structure of your challenge? How many approaches with what purpose?

Its great to make a commitment like that and I am sure youre totally equipped to stick to it. I wish you the best on your little journey. May it be a foundational step towards a bigger goal :)

Don't make the approaches only to succeed in the challenge. Treat every approach as special as it is and dont eject because you "need x more".

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