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Okay, in an attempt to revitalise my writing once more, and due to a sudden onslaught of inspiration from a rereading of Jeffy's "Advanced Keyboard Jockeying" post, it's time to write again.

Went out last night to an indie club with Law~ and Parks. Fun times - although a lot of it was due to alcohol. I've been having some very conflicting inner psyche issues about drinking alcohol when going out. I guess it's due to all the "Don't drink. It's a crutch" messages hurled from different information sources. I decided yesterday to fuck what everyone says. I like drinking. It's not like I'm a raging alcoholic. I don't need to drink that much to get drunk, which means there is no weight issue. I definitely don't need it for my game. But it just seems right to drink. I mean, it's a goddamn bar. And if it does improve my chances of getting laid then why the fuck not?

Two personal cons that I'm still battling with however. The first is a finances issue which is really my own stupidity. I should be drinking outside at happy hours and then going to the club, rather than buying $6-$8 beers. The second issue is that I am a person who highly values my brain. I am discovering things about it right now that are both baffling and intriguing. So the knowledge that alcohol destroys brain cells, even though the effect is temporary, is very scary.

Whatever...I'll do what I want!

Anyway, back to the night.

Once I do start drinking I become on fire. State reigns supreme. I open like crazy, and not just girls. I just go around making a lot of friends in the club. I reach high energy levels. Oh...and I bring the party.

But of course, ultimately, although this is improving considerably, I am still a man of inaction when it comes to extraction and full closing.

Additionally, I find I am having very conflicting goals at the moment. I want to start getting numbers because I want to start going for day 2s, but the high-energy/make-out/gropage/try-for-ONS game is just so much fun!!!

My resolution for this is to just let the night decide what will happen, but try to put a 50/50 focus on the numbers/makeouts dichotomy rather than the 20/80 that it's at at the moment.

Having said that however, I found my best sets from last night were both chilled game. The first one was a goddess - in my eyes anyway. I had recently finished watching Jeffy's part in Transformations, and it made me realize that I really don't have a clue what my perfect girl would be like. Well this girl was it.

Long, black, smooth hair. Dark, brown eyes. A slender and petite body. She was definitely my type.

I just approached her with "Hey. I just had to let you know that you are, like, the perfect girl for me." She gave me this truly genuine smile that melted me. Then she gave me the boyfriend line. I know I should have kept persisting because she was, without a doubt, flattered, but I just left her.

But I appreciate the fact that I do now have the courage to talk to this girl who I would previously never have approached. Next time I meet someone like her, the set will definitely last longer.

The second good set was a girl I number closed. Without going too much into it the set was hooked, we vibed but the most important part is that I ran a textbook number close - early in the interaction, full casual, initial resistance but persistence paid off. I still expect a flake but number closing is a sticking point for me right now, and I want to try to get more sets like this in. Need to start getting dates.

I want to also present one very interesting lesson I learnt last night:

Dealing with Plebe Chodes

I have noticed recently, amongst the social matrix, that there are two kinds of chodes. The first kind is what I call positive chodes. These are the guys who have that good-natured quality about them. They are classified as chodes because they haven't learnt game, but if they did do so, they would probably do quite well at it. These are the kinds that CAN offer some value and are worth having around as friends. They are the kinds who can become your cheerleaders.

The second group is what I classify as Plebe Chodes - the lowest of the chodes. These are the chodes that make you lose faith in mankind whenever they unwittingly - and unfortunately - pop up in your peripherals. They are the chodes who go into a club and think it's cool to have a frown on your face. They roam around in packs because, to them, the night just isn't complete until they get into a fight with another pack of like-minded individuals.

Sydney is full of Plebe Chodes.

I mean...full of them.

Recently, and especially last night, I have been having some fun with Plebe Chodes. Completely by chance mind you. I'm not going around looking for these tools, but somehow I seem to bump into atleast one every night. Alexander~ once told me it's because I am a conservative kind of guy, and dress quite conservatively when in the club is why I am usually a prime target.

I have discovered that these Plebens are harmless to the point of being squashable. You know what is the most powerful weapon in one's arsenal for defeating these guys:

Your smile.

I have gotten into several situations (some involving girls, others just random) where a Plebe has come up and decided to start shit with me, and I have disarmed each and everyone with the power of my smile. Last night especially was an interesting event.

I was on the dance floor, and it was quite crowded. But that didn't faze me. I just kept dancing. I was in massive state and had solid frame control, and noone was able to push me out of the way.

Cue a bunch of Plebes behind me. They decide that the dance floor is theirs and theirs only. They start pushing everyone out of the way by dancing all over the place.

Then they get to me.

Of course I won't have any of it.

Despite their futile efforts to push me away, I am immovable. I hold my stance and keep dancing away. I don't bother trying to push them away. I'm just too in my own awesome reality to care.

This makes them angry. They turn and face me with the frown that is the epitome of the Plebe. I turn and face them with this smile that is the epitome I am just feeling so positive and happy that I have this massive, genuine clown smile on my face.

The Plebes are standing there unable to decide what to do next. They were expecting another Plebe with a frown so that they could start a fight. One of them actually turns to the other and goes "Man! What the fuck is wrong with this guy!" They are confused as hell. They keep giving me the frown of death but it only makes me happier.

You know what they did? They left the dancefloor. Yeah, that's right. They were actually looking for a fight and when they couldn't find one they decided to go look somewhere else.

Like I said. Faith. Mankind. Gone.

So the lesson of the day is: Never lose that smile.

I love having a smile.

I love being positive.

What else is there?
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Yeah, I know...I'm skipping field reports again. But you know what, you know what?

Heh...babies are so wise....

Day 18 - Thursday

So after that hectic, awesome, fully-turbo night on Wednesday, I ended up resting on my laurels on Thursday. Basically telling everyone about the Wednesday night and how awesome it was.

Ego much?

But I excuse myself in this particular instance, because it WAS my first time, and I DID have something to be proud of. But I have to watch this shit in the future. I'm hoping once it becomes commonplace enough I don't make such a big deal of it.

But I did end up going out on Thursday night. I had hoped that because I had been barren all my life, I would not lose my sexual drive on Thursday (as many posters on this forum has mentioned would happen). Turns out my hope was all in vain. I guess in many cases the human body is quite predictable. I had almost no drive to be sexual with girls on Thursday night. I barely had the energy to approach.

But I was determined to keep myself past the indifference threshold. So I went over to about 6 or 7 girls and told them

Me: "Hey, I don't have the time or the energy. Do you wanna make out with me?"

I didn't get any makeouts but, hey, I didn't get kicked in the nuts either, so it was all good. Hell, one girl even reopened me later. I then proceeded to reverse-claw her and pull her in, but then I had nothing. Didn't even have the energy to lean my head in for a quick peck.

Day 19 - Friday

Friday night was pretty good except for one fucked up incident. Met up with Alexander and new bootcamp recruits at the Argyle. Alexander dry humped me in public.

There Alex, my second lay report posted.

So that incident. Yeah I was talking to this girl earlier in the night, and it was going really good. I got sexual/physical with her straight away, (hugging her, swinging her around, licking her finger). She was definitely a DTF girl, and if I had played it right I'm sure it would have gone somewhere. She was only in town for like a day, so no repercussions either. But I did the stupid thing again of getting her number and walking away.

I wasn't really affected by this, but later on I saw another RSD wing get her number as well. This, for some reason, really fucked with me. I guess the reason being that it wasn't a chode who was trying but someone who knew his shit. A bit off competition if you will. And, apparently, I'm not ready to face competition yet.

Fucking pussy. I'd better be ready because the Sydney crew is growing by the handful and it's going to get a lot tougher around here.

Day 20 - Saturday

Here's what I remember of Saturday:

- 9:30 pm: Played darts with school friends. Everytime a player lost, they would have to take a shot of vodka. I played this game with the two guys who owned the dart board - so 3 guesses as to who lost most of the time.
- 6 am: Somehow ended up in the backseat of my car with my hands down my pants. Luckily I hadn't beated off (or I had but couldn't finish the deed because of the absurd amount of alcohol in my system)

God I hate Smirnoff's. And despite my having numerous horrible parleys with it (see here) I just can't seem to let go.

Day 21 - Sunday

A side of hangover with a dashing of pure, distilled torture. No going out on this night.

Day 22 - Monday

And I'm back. Or atleast a little. Decided to go out despite feeling a bit under the weather. Ended up complaining all night because I was feeling motherfucking exhausted. But despite this I managed to pick up (like literally) a cutie Swedish girl and then bluecunt her....oh well.

Tonight will be mayhem.
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This is the game for me,
My emotions have gone on such a fucking rollercoaster ride recently that I am losing track of them fast. When I encounter a particularly long plateau it hits me hard. On countless times I have said to myself "What is the point of all this? I'm not achieving anything." But, thankfully, on just as many times I have also said to myself "Fuck you. Keep going." Anyone who has been reading my posts knows that I give myself a hard time during the failure periods. I push myself to rise up out of the plateau - a phoenix from the ashes. And each time my efforts pay off. At my lowest something happens and I am freed from the shackles of hopelessness once more.

Last night I achieved my very first lay. This is not just in the game. This is in fucking life.

Today I feel liberated.

Onto the story:

I headed out with BRAH (aka Ashley) to a Uni party. Thank you Ash for letting me know about it. I am in your debt.

Initially we were choding about. It was Ashley's birthday and I bought him a drink. He knew a few people at the party and I knew noone. After a bit of this choding I decided to start my night. I approach a set of 3 girls. It was a costume party and they were dressed as Tinkerbell, Alice (from Alice in Wonderland) and Catwoman. Tinkerbell was hella friendly and flirty because I had guessed her costume on the first go - whoa...maybe I'm psychic. But Alice was very cold. And Catwoman was drunk.

Also, Tinkerbell was hot. Hottttttt.

So I decided to try to befriend Alice and Catwoman but while doing so Alice remained cold as and Catwoman goes massive flirty with boob-rubbing.

Guess what...I had learnt. I head learnt to keep my target in focus at all times. So I kept my focus on Tinkerbell. It looked like it was paying off initially but then Tinkerbell, with an attention span that's appropriate for a tiny, annoying, flittering fairy decides there's another guy who is more interesting. I decide..fuck this and leave.

You thought I was going to fuck one of those three didn't you?


So back to choding around. I move in on a couple of other girls but I can't seem to hold a conversation for too long.

And then I decide to do something that I try not to do very often.

I decide to get blind.

See it's not that I don't like drinking. I just hate dealing with the hangovers. That and the loss of hundreds of dollars from my bank account the next morning. But I figure since I'm choding around anyway might as well drink. I hadn't drunk heavily in a long time, and it didn't take me long to get to the stage where I started talking to myself - by my count 1 jaegerbomb and 2 gin and tonics. It's called being a cheap drunk fellas.

And once I got drunk, the bar was destroyed. I honestly don't think there was a single girl who I didn't open by the end of the night. No obstacles held me back. I would enter mixed sets where the girl is holding hands with the guy and only talk to the girl. I think now that I have honed my game a lot, my drunk game just became awesome. I would say I hit a 95% hook rate. And all of the shit I did was fucked, but fun.

Case in point: Yan had turned up on the night too and is talking to some girl at a table. Her friend is standing on the side. I claw her in and makeout ensues without any hesitation. No talking just physicality. Didn't fuck her though.

Case in point: Yan opened a girl dressed up as "I dream of Genie". Her friend was there on the side dressed up as...*gasp* how original...catwoman. (Seriously, there was a girl there dressed as Gumby. If she could come up with something like that I'm sure other girls could as well...catwoman....fuck me). I had two drinks in my hand so I opened her with,

Me: "Hey I've got two drinks in my hand so I can't fuck you tonight"

Seriously. This is the awesome shit I do when drunk. Even I didn't know I had this capability. The girl was hooked but one of her other friends pulled her away. But Yan seemed to be working the Genie chick so I let it be. But yeah didn't fuck her either.

Then this girl dressed up as one of the ninja turtles, who I had opened earlier, walks past me. I claw her in and start grinding with her. Keep in mind I don't exactly know what I'm doing. It feels right but looks oh so wrong.

Then without thought or hesitation I say to her "Come with me." Grab her hand and lead her to a couch with about 5 people around it. This was about the most isolated place in the whole area. I sit down on the couch and start making out with her. She starts grinding her vag on my thigh.

Oh yeah....this is the one.

I tell her, "We're going to my car." Grab her hand and pull her outside. While we're walking up to Aphrodite (my car, btw) I engage several wall slam makeouts. She kept on saying "I can't leave my friends" and then starts spouting some random shit and calling me Lucas. I had no idea what she was talking about so I slam her against another wall and makeout.

We get to my car and I open the backdoor and throw her in. No LMR this time. Clothes come off with some difficulty. Vamana is strong despite the alcohol. A passionate intertwination of limbs and genitals follows. For the next hour we went at it like rabbits. This was in the middle of a main street in my car. People were passing by at the rate of about 3 every 15 minutes or so and I'm sure more than one looked. However it was a cold night, the windows had fogged up, and the passion of our sex was reminiscient of a certain scene from a certain movie.

But let me tell you something. For anyone who says sex in a car is beautiful have obviously never done it before. It is a tumultuous mess. My leg cramped up so much I wanted to cut it off and beat the other leg with it because THAT one had fallen asleep. My hand was bent in shapes it was not designed for. And it is very, VERY hard to get vamana into the vag when you have little to no room to move.

I guess these are things you learn the first time.

Additionally I found I couldn't get an orgasm. Yup..that's right...despite it all I didn't reach climax. The girl did...several times apparently. I don't know if it was the alcohol or a lack of experience on her part but I simply couldn't get there. I had her try everything. Handjob, blowjob...obviously the main job...but it just wasn't happening.

I guess tonight I just have to be content with getting her off...what a gip...

But overall, still fucking awesome.

However, I think the true climax of the night came once we were done. I didn't know if she was just looking for a root but I had considerably sobered up by the end and I realize this girl is pretty goddamned cute. I'm talking blonde hair, blue eyes cute. So I decide I might want to meet up with her later. I tell her

Me: "Look, I'm goin to leave it up to you if you want me to call you tomorrow or not."
Her: "I do want that, but the thing is, I'm seeing someone at the moment."


I told her that's fine, we can still meet up. At this point we exchanged names and numbers. Yeah, that's right, we had fucked each other without knowing each others' names.

The best is yet to come....
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Went out with Sunny to a place local to him. Only one set of note. A mixed set of 2 girls and one guy. While everybody in the room was watching I picked up a cushion and placed it next to them. Left them bewildered.

Then tried to converse with a girl who had probably the most emotionally lacking face I have ever seen.

Not such a big night, and pale in comparison of what's to come.
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These last few days are the first time I have missed out on writing field reports. I cannot profess why I didn't write them without being negative, so I shall not.

Day 13 - Friday

Went to a local nightclub with Law~. The night was going great at the beginning. Lots of sets hooked. Then blowout deluxe extraordinaire.

A 2-set sitting at a table looking all sad. Opened with "Why are you guys sad in a nightclub?" No response. Kept persisting and talking shit. Girl2, clearly drunk off her face, starts telling me to fuck off for no apparent reason whatsoever. I didn't give a fuck. I kept persisting with Girl1. Then Girl1 gets up, pushed me in the chest and yells "Fuck Off!"

I left with a smile. But it was a cover. State had been utterly and completely destroyed.

But looking back on it, I realised something. I didn't die.

Awwww....a girl didn't like is wrong with you? There's another one over there...keep going.


Day 14 - Saturday

Hit up the Argyle alone. Again lots of good hooks. Only 2-set with solid lessons

First set was a cute irish girl. Very friendly. Very hooked. But then chode guy friend came along. I left without even finding out if he was a boyfriend or not.
What the fuck is this bullshit?

Second set was a 2-set at the bar. Both girls were into me. But since I didn't have a wing I couldn't isolate my target. I got their numbers but did it in a stupid way. I asked for both their numbers as an excuse to get my girl's number. But the thing is the other girl was clearly not interested in me, as she wouldn't give me her number but asked me to enter mine in hers. I had kept the interaction completely logical with her. Need to stop giving a fuck what others think.

Day 14 to 15 - Sunday

Had to stay at home for two reasons: I had the equine flu - you know from all the unprotected sex with magnificent stallions - and I wanted to recuperate from the previous shit nights. Give my social muscles a chance to recover, so to speak.

Day 15 - Monday

Hit up side bar again. Man am I sick of that place. Every single person seems to feel the need to ask "Where I'm from" as the first question.

Anyway, did atleast 5-sets, the last of which studied at my uni. Got her number and will call her up - for tea and sex.
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I seem to be hitting new levels of low recently. This field report is going to be kept short because I don't feel like writing much today. But this must be written for my own learning experience. Maybe I'll look back on this day someday and laugh...but today there is no laughter.

Last night was going okay, not very eventful. I was approaching and being proactive but no real notable interactions - bar one.

My greatest epiphany of the night came when I did something that I have never done before in my life in the game. I actively lied to a girl. This wasn't exaggerated hyperbole or trying to impress her in some way. It was just an outright lie. The crux of the lie is unimportant. The fact that I did it at all is unnerving.

In the end she found out I was lying, demonstrating the vast amounts of incongruency I was exhbiting, and all I could think about was to run out of there.

I know at the end of it all, the fact that I lost the girl doesn't really matter. I'm not beating myself up about that. But the fact that I resorted to a lie at all is what pisses me off. There is nothing wrong with who I am, and there is no need for anything but my genuine self to shine through.
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I do hereby decree the following: I make the best pasta sauce in the world. The Italians have got nothing on me.

Seriously, if there was a nobel prize for culinary delights, competition's over, everyone go home, why the fuck are you still here.

Yeah so, after a heavenly meal cooked by yours truly last night, I went out again.

As I envisioned however, Sydney was dead.

I went out with Yan to Darling Harbour, and checked out Cargo where there were atleast a few girls. There was some university party on and lots of girls wearing school girls uniforms and getting drunk.

The night started with me winging some chode out while Yan ran his stuff on a cute brunette. Chode says to me: "If you're friend is trying to move in on the girl I was trying to pick up, I'll go to the bathroom now."


I then fucked around with a hot blonde wearing a school girl's outfit and a clear display of cleavage. I wanted to motorboat but I just couldn't do it.

I then approached a 2-set of girls sitting down chatting. One of them had her boyfriend there so I figure I'll start running shit on the other. But when the boyfriend came back all three of them turned out to be really friendly, and I just got caught up in the conversation.

However all was not really lost. After the last three nights, I wanted to practice the "logical with friends and illogical with girl" thing and see where it took me. I would keep talking to the couple about their travels and their experiences and everytime the target would say something I would pay her out about in some illogical way.

The result was pretty awesome. The girl would keep coming back with her own random shit and trying to get attention. Meanwhile the couple were digging me more and more. So much so that I managed to score two free drinks from the guy and they even let me spend time alone with the girl allowing me to isolate without me doing anything.

But, something held me back. I simply couldn't run any kind of sexuality on her. I think the reason is because the last 3 nights had left me completely jaded in regards to running game on travellers.

Well tonight, I'm going local. Which means no excuses. I'm going to go back to some high energy stuff today, so that I can be more at ease with sexuality and being a crazy cunt.

And energy drinks, not alcohol.
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Teeming with fury....

That's the only description I can come up with to describe my emotions when I woke up this morning. A blood-red rage clouded my vision. And the anger was directed at noone but myself. As a result of my ire, I had one of those days when nothing seems to go your way. I woke up late, missed breakfast, missed my morning jog, hit every red light on the way to work, and couldn't find parking for a long time when I got there. On a more positive note however, I was able to attack my work with such a furious concentration that I was able to break through certain barriers I had hit.

I have calmed down now, and looking back on it my anger was probably misplaced and somewhat disturbing (I don't get that angry that easily, or particularly like to).

And all of it is because of the last 3 nights....

Last night I went out to another backpacker's place in Sydney called World Bar. The night was going great. Lots of people I know there. The previous two nights had been...confusing...and I was looking forward to a good night out on this night.

And then who should turn up once more but the 4-set from the previous two nights. As soon as I saw them I knew they spelt doom. My mind conjured up visions of 4 hooded skeletals with reapers' sickles, riding stallions sired in the stables of Lucifer.

Fuck..shit...fuck...they saw target's coming up to she's hugging me....I've picked her up....she's got her legs wrapped around me....hey maybe she's into me....maybe I'll try to work this set again tonight....

fuck. FUCK. FUCK!!!!!!!

It was the same shit all over again. Rather than stating my intentions from the beginning when I should have I just kept interacting in a friends' manner with all of them.

I kept going into the friends' zone continuously with all of them. And once more I started getting attraction signals from all of them. They all wanted a photo with me. They bought me drinks and started doing shots with me. But I wanted to get my target separate from them and alone with me.

I managed to isolate my girl and move her around but didn't go for the makeout for a long time. But every time I did this she would go running back. I managed to get a makeout from her later on in the night, but once that was done she quickly ran back to the group. On the dancefloor, she would start grinding against me and then if I went for the makeout she would just turn her head away. This occured several times.

Eventually I just got sick of this shit. I mean I know they say persistence, but there's persistence and there's just plain stupidity. In the end, I just felt like they were stringing me along. I mean they didn't ask anything of me but I was starting to feel too chode while I was with them.

Plus I wasn't approaching.....I found myself alone a few times when the girls went to the toilet, and rather than approaching then I just stood there thinking "What would they think if I was approaching other girls. I might lose them! Better just stand here."

Fuck. Me.

I finished the night with vamana alone again. I feel that this night has affected me more than it should due to the string of successes I have had recently. Well let's hope it has made me stronger.

So clear goals to target from this night:
- If you're girls have gone to the toilet or have separated from you in some way, you need to approach other girls. Don't give a fuck what they think.
- State your intentions from the get go. Sexuality can come verbally as well as physically.
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Another moderate night. Actually I can't really decide if it was a good night or not.

I went out with Yan again to Sidebar (same place as the night before). Met up with Wil who had done the bootcamp with Yan. If you're reading this man I hope to see more of the both of you out.

Sydney is proving to be a formidable contender.

So we're hanging out and chatting inside when who should I see but the girls from last night.

Fate, destiny and all that....or more like they lived right above the bar and couldn't be fucked venturing out to other places.

Anyway, so I decide to open my girl again. Awesome friendly. Befriended the friends once more. And that's when the night took a turn for the weird....

See the girl was in a group of 4 girls. All close friends. A pretty closely-knit clique. I remember somewhere from Alexander's teachings that you should be sexual with your target and fully logical with the others.

The thing is, I couldn't seem to turn it off even with the friends. I was initiating physical contact with each and every one of them, and every one of them was hooked.

Weird then took on a whole 'nother level when my target went to the toilet with one of the other friends. During this time, one of her friends (who was herself quite hot) started getting close and physical with me and asked to exchange facebook details with me. I'm talking full on, breast rubbing, let's hug each other so the chode can take a picture of us close.

This put me in a fucking confused headspace.

As a result I just didn't know what to do. I couldn't decide whether to go to for one or the other. Vamana had taken over and decided that both needed to be done, but my rational mind decided that wasn't going to happen, and so I lapsed into utter inaction.

But this was inaction of the worst kind. I decided to hang around the girls for most of the night, hoping for something to happen, which meant no other approaches and a serious man-down.

Pissed off.

Still, the night wasn't all in vain. The highlight was me rocking it on the floor with four girls around me, and chodes trying to come in to do their chodey thang. Things turned especially high-larious when two chodes decide to come in and do the purposeless hand of doom on the girls, and the girls look at me like "Who are these weirdos?"

Still, this inaction is annoying......
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I went out with Yan (forum name: Wayne) last night. He was flying all the way in from Israel to Sydney to do an Alexander bootcamp and was riding that bootcamp high on Sunday.

...memories.....*cue violins*...*sniff*...

We chatted for a bit about his experience and then head in.

Grab a beer and head to a quiet place near the entrance. While we're talking a girl in black comes up and is planning to go out. She goes the wrong way and runs into a barricade.

Clearly we have to pay her out about this.

Turns out she was just looking for attention. I am becoming quite attuned to recognizing such situations now.

I keep paying her out, then claw her in. Yan, recognizing the signals, decides to leave and find other girls. I push her against a wall and makeout ensues.I should have pulled her around and kept interacting but didn't. This turns out to be the better choice in the end anyway.

Yan then enters a 2-set of very cute girls. He starts chatting one up and I wing him by occupying the other.

It turns out to be an awesome interaction. I get the girls number but once more I make the mistake of focusing on the number rather than the sexuality for a traveller. I met up with this girl several times during the night, and every time she would come and start grinding me. She was definitely down for tonight but I didn't man up and take it all the way. I think part of the reason for this was her friends were there with her.

One of the biggest things I have taken away from this night is a sense of calm and patience that seems to pervade me now in my interactions. I don't know if this is because of the challenge or just a matter of long-term growth but I find myself able to approach and hook so much easier now.

There is no impatience in trying to approach or trying to get laid - as there use to be. As the night unfolds in front of me, I know something will happen. Whether this something is good, bad or ugly I yield yet another adventure in my life.

Anyway, good night compared to the previous one. Next set of goals:
- Reduce sexual inaction.
- Try the bathroom pull.
- Keep working on the numbers but mainly with locals.

Sticking Point to tackle
- Maintaining sexuality without coming off creepy.
- Asking a girl to come home with me.
- Asking a girl to come to my car with me.
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