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The sentiment here is quite similar to Tyler's old "happiness is a default state" posts, but it is absolutely 100% correct.

Value is the natural state of your being, self, activity, whatever you wish to call it.

It's on YOU to actually remove it, block it, diminish it, doubt it, etc. etc.

The only way to lower your value is make decisions that delete it, and believe you me, we all do it... usually every day.

10 common ways to block your natural state of being, the natural 'way you are', which is indeed value -

1. Alcohol
2. Drugs (this includes overconsumption of caffeine or sugar... yes coffee and soda count)
3. Jerking it to the point you don't have a natural sex drive
4. Beating yourself up about shit out of your control (very commonly, mistakes you made in set the night before, the hour before, or even the minute before... the past is past, bro)
5. Doubting yourself about things out of your control (technically, you can open any set you like to, it just comes down to doubt or fear... very rarely is it situationally impossible)
6. Hating on other people (this is a MASSIVE and usually not mentioned)
7. Idol worship (if you think that Kobe Bryan is 'cooler' than you, that is idol worship. No he is not, he's just a better basketball player than you)
8. Thinking that you can't date 10s/models... you absolutely can, it just takes practice and patience.
9. Handing over your belief system to someone else but trusting another person's opinions more than your own (this includes too much faith in everything an RSD instructor says, too much faith in religion, trying to create your life in the image of a musician or movie star you respect, etc.)
10. Not doing things that make you feel uncomfortable out of fear (i.e., applying for a job better than you think you can get, hitting on a chick you think is out of your league, going on a hike, learning a language, reading a book, not watching Mob Wives, etc.)

I've been guilty of many of these things myself, and continue to be at times, but the point is to remember VALUE IS THE NATURAL WAY OF BEING.

You start EVERY morning with 100% VALUE. It's on YOU to fuck it up.

When you truly believe this in your core, life begins to change for the better.
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The Dave


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Great post!  
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 Thanks for the readership and the compliment!
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