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Saturday, March 9th, 2013

First and foremost I’d like to start this by saying rest in peace to Christopher Wallace, also known as The Notorious B.I.G. who died 16 years ago today.

With that being said, whew going back to gaming while drinking SUCKS after you’ve had a taste of sober game, I don’t know why people prefer it. Maybe I’m new enough at gaming sober that it holds the allure that gaming did in the first place did way back when in 2007. In any case, I went out ‘on the lash’ with a few friends last night to a hotel party. It was very packed, filled with “the beautiful people” as The Beatles might say, and stepping in, I thought this would actually be a piece of cake.

Of course it being a nice hotel filled with the young, fly, and flashy, this was not so much the case; first off many of the actually good looking women were at tables or exclusive bars out on the patio. Waiting for them to come to and from the ‘VIP’ would have been an exercise in futility, and furthermore they would just be descending down to us “peasants” in the regular bar to go to the bathroom or smoke a cigarette or something.

In any case, the first negative of the evening came from, of course, ordering a drink at the bar - that shit took 30 minutes of gaming time away, plus I got in a very aggravated mood as it seemed everyone in front of me wanted to order the most complex concoctions. Not good. I had completed a few “Hi!” openers prior to this, however my state was completed deflated.

At some point, a few of mine friends decide to take a shot, one of my buddy says he can’t finish his drink, and so I should ask the 3-set near us to finish his shot for him. I do, but one of the chicks say “I don’t take drinks from strangers”, which makes total sense and I say as much. Somehow, they open rather readily, however, and I begin a long conversation with a chick I’m not very attracted to, but I attempt to game.

Of course my ‘interview mode’ comes out again and I lose the attraction rather quickly; we study the same field and rather than ‘spicing up’ the interaction by changing the subject, I end up discussing some books we both enjoy - way to friend zone the whole situation, Antihero! In addition, I was not into her that much, but this is a lousy excuse to run solid game, and furthermore it should actually be a GOOD excuse to try some silly stuff, since I care little for the outcome.

We venue bounce and I open a 2-set sitting down who seem to like me. I make a joke about one being a “ginger” and they become furious, LOL. I didn’t know it was a such an insult, I thought it was more like a funny thing to say... Whoops.

Lastly we end in a strip club where I attempt to game a stripper to little success. Somehow (ahem, drinking) I end up getting reactive and it does NOT end well - she walks away.

Long story short, the problem tonight was the drinking. It slowed down my focus on momentum, it made it hard to remember what happened, and I was taking uncalculated risks rather than building my state from within. I do NOT like the idea of doing this again.

+ Opened a 3-set
+ Another long set interaction
+ At least TRIED to say something provocative

- Drinking at all
- Drinking too much
- Not maintaining state
- OPENING WITH A NEG?? Rookie move
- Did not walk around to pursue sets

Until next time,
Keep the faith and beware of darkness.

The Antihero
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