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 Friday, March 15th, 2013

After talking to my wing on the phone quite a long time before we went out, I was slightly in my head because it seemed he was in a bad mood and/or mad at me about something. I was able to stop my negative self-talk, however, and realize it probably had nothing to do with me, but rather something internally he was going through on his own time. This is an important lesson/mentality to develop in the game, and I was glad I was hip to it rather early: when you think someone is annoyed, it usually has nothing to do with you, but rather something for them internally. As predicted, he later informed me he was coming off of a fever and was finding it hard to stay motivated.

We arrive at the venue and I feel the ‘nerves’, however perhaps not as intensely as I had thought before. I open a tall Asian chick walking by pretty early in the night, however my nervousness doesn’t subside much after this. Unfortunately, I again succumb to the “avoid 2 and 3-sets” mentality and end up choding A LOT longer than I would have liked. Very disappointing.

The best (and only real notable) set came from a cute 7.5 walking by me as I was looking around. I opened quickly and assertively, and after a simple hello, I said “No, wait, stop... don’t leave... I’ll be sad” (Credit: RSD Tim). She laughed and actually stood there for a second as I tried to get a coherent sentence out of my shock for her instant IOI. She brought her friend along and I simply said to both that I thought my target was cute. The bad news is that after this I had little to say, and they scurried away. In any case, I was proud of the fact I remembered the girl’s name very quickly (sober game FTW), actually pushed a little bit more through the interaction, and stood my ground when the friend came by - not long enough, but doing it at all was extremely important. I must say that I was inspired to push through a little harder after the “Hi!” due to watching a Justin Wayne PUA video where he gets a kiss-close in the day-time.

The rest of the night was slow by our group’s standards, and I ended up with only 4 opened sets. I must learn to not follow the other guy’s leads when it comes to a night out. I have the energy, excitement, and interest to be a leader for our group (and the game in general); there is no reason I should succumb to their own doubts about the definition of a good night - WE make it a good night... We are the music as Alexander would say.

Lastly, I must take note not to drink too much Red Bull when gaming; not simply because it will become an anchor, but additionally for the fact it such a powerful ‘drug’ (i.e., filled with caffeine and all this other destructive shit), that I may not be learning exactly how my ‘self’ is when in the field. Take heed.

+ Pushed a little bit harder in the set
+ No drinking during the game
+ Continuing with consistency of going out
+ When I was hesitant, I just went direct - a very smart and clear idea.

- Red Bull developing as an anchor? Possible
- Only 4 total sets, hesitated too often
- Still avoid 2 and 3-sets
- Succumbed to the ‘it’s slow’ mentality

Until next time.

Keep the faith, and beware of darkness.

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The Dave


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 I hate the hesitation too man.  Good job approaching though.  I wouldn't do 2 or 3 sets either.  That shit can be intimidating.  Just a little advice from my own personal experience and something that julien and Tyler have said.  When you just stare at them and don't flinch, the girl WILL say something.  It hasn't failed once yet for me.  Try it, see what happens.
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 Thanks for the reply and readership, man! 

I will definitely try this out, if for no other reason than it's easier than blurting out something incoherent! Lol
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