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Friday, March 8th, 2013

Two wings and I roll out to bars on the beach for Friday night (this is becoming a habit), and I am pumped if a bit nervous. A friend of mine is staying at my house and so rather than going on a hike on Friday afternoon (as I did before), I have just been freestyling in my room with the guy, trying to get in state. In any case, I feel confident enough to throw my hand down for the evening. My goal is to get 5 “Hi’s!” out of the way quickly as to remove that shitty “gnawing” feeling of fear that comes up quicker and quicker as you stand and chode around the bar.

Outside of the first bar, my wing opens a good looking two-set walking by with a high five, and they are receptive. This eases my early jitters and I find an absolutely gorgeous three-set walking by to another club, and proceed to give them a nice loud “Hiiii!” They are pretty shocked and barely acknowledge it, however. I still feel good about this because these girls were model status (even for California) so I feel like I’m playing at NFL level, at least.

I learn very quickly that in the future, I need to be the first one to open in our crew if I hope to be a leader; often when we are in the club I am waiting for another wing to start walking forward or opening sets, rather than taking initiative myself. This is absolute horse shit, and not to mention if I can’t expect to lead my male wing-friends, how the HELL will I lead a HB9-10 stunner? It doesn’t make sense. I need to reboot and take on a King Frame as Alexander would say.

One of the more interesting (if disjointed) interactions comes with my 2nd ‘Hi!’ of the night. We are standing to the side in the venue, and a very attractive 8ish girl walks by slowly, clearly lost. I open her, and she asks how to get outside, but she is so open to being gamed we actually exchange a few words before she leaves. The MINUTE she leaves, I realize I should have made her jump a hoop or two, and my wing points out I could have hugged her and done girlfriend routine shit... The good news about this set is that she was cute as hell, seemed to be on board with what I was selling, and most importantly, I realized VERY quickly what I should have done... basically my reaction time is getting cut down. I enjoy that feeling.

I open a fugly chick sitting by herself to get my 3rd Hi of the evening; I’ve been inside 10 minutes and already have three... woohoo, America Fuck Yeah.

A two set is walking by and a girl is wearing pink. I open with the most chode thing imaginable, “Is that ‘salmon’ or pink??” She says, “Pink.” And my mind hesitates, realizing that was a terrible line. She walks away but her friend immediately comes up to me and says, “Nice try, lol”. Ironically the friend seems to be more interested than her friend in a conversation and is initially attracted. I begin by DHVing and shit, to which she ask more questions, but then I get into “interview mode”... not the best feeling. She asks why I’m not drinking and I make up some bullshit story on the spot. It rings as incongruent (because I know I’m lying for no reason other than to qualify and not ‘stick out’), and it jumbles the natural flow of the conversation. I think in the back of my mind I should be kino’ing or doing spin move or girlfriend routine, but I don’t do it because I’m choding... I guess I’m ‘waiting for her permission’ through her body language and tonality, which of course never occurs. She eventually gets bored and of course, my mind doesn’t “give me the manual”, to quote The Blueprint Decoded. Additionally, I need to practice looking directly at her when I’m talking to her, I would constantly look away while thinking of ‘what to say’; doesn’t look/feel very alpha let me tell you.
Ironically, the best thing about the set happens towards the end when I realize she doesn’t like me anymore; I begin self-amusing and pointing out girls who will be my “future ex-wife”, and comment how there is a long line of women who want to collect alimony payments from me, lol. My wing laughs hysterically although the girl is only mildly amused. I don’t care.

The last notable set was a tall model-looking chick standing by herself. The best part of this was that she was SO hot (probably a California 8.5-9) that even opening her was a success for me. You see, I’m trying to confirm in my brain what I already believe - there’s no reason I can’t get models, dimes, whatever you want to call it... I just mean REAL hot chicks. This mentality is a variation on Alexander’s “There’s no reason I’m not enough” paradigm, and I believe it wholeheartedly. The problem is of course my “mind” is currently blocking me from accepting this new mindset, and so I must practice presenting myself with the cold hard evidence. This chick and I discuss her hometown for a while (I’m going there in a few weeks for the first time), and all is well (maybe not sexual, but she seemed to be enjoying the convo) until a large hairy hand grabs her shoulder from behind me and I see she has a boyfriend who looks like he could be a power forward for the Houston Rockets. I say a cordial farewell and keep it moving, haha.

The rest of the night is filled with “Hi!” openers here and there; I see that I must begin to practice saying “Hi!” and doing a shoulder touch to open with kino. When it’s all said and done, I end the night with 11. Not too shabby.

+ My reaction time for "ideas" in-set is speeding up
+ Didn't drink
+ Opened an absolute stunner with mild success
+ Forced myself to continue plowing through an awkward set
+ Natural self-amusement actually showed up!

- Have to look target IN THE EYE more often
- Was too scared to open 2-sets consistently
- Got too tired too quickly (stopped opening after like 1AM)
- Need to be the FIRST man to open on the night... LEAD YO' SELF MOFO!!!


Keep the faith and beware the darkness, 

The Antihero
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