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Friday, March 1st, 2013

After a traffic delay, my wing arrived around 10:30pm. I had been fluctuating between the buoyant “flow-state” I had experienced before due to the day’s hike and a creeping sense of nervousness by the time we arrived. I hopped in the car and we exchanged warm and friendly greetings.

We dashed down to the beach and he quickly realizes he has lost his ID. I’m not the least bit irritated, not only because of the positive mentality I’d been immersed in all day, but also because it deferred the time in which I would actually have to open, haha. He opens a undoubtedly hot chick outside of the venue smoking a cigarette. I am impressed. The set runs for about 15 minutes, and given that it’s my first night running this whole “sober game” thing, I chode around the block for a noticeable amount of time rather than open anyone. Not the best choice, but hey, I’ll live with it. Shortly thereafter we hop in his car and head out.

As we drive to his home to pick up his identification, I begin to get work myself up in energy, realizing that not only had I come to a spiritual breakthrough today, but I really could do this - I had a level of respect for how far he had progressed over a few months. With that being said, he did talk quite a lot, to the point it began to exhaust me, and I began to get weary. In any case, I decided I was really going to try this shit out, let the chips fall where they may.

We arrive back at the beach and my first open, a simple “Hi!” comes from a 4-set hopping out of cab as my wing is hollering at an unrelated girl. Between the hotter girl he had spit game at from before and this new chick he was talking to, I decided it was time not to just let him open ALL the girls. I realize that allowing my competitive edge to spurn me on to the open is perfectly acceptable, at least for now. Then again I was so scared I really did very little, lol. The other 3 sets went similarly.

A group on a birthday party extravaganza engages us on the street, and oddly enough I am able to joke and laugh with them in a very fraternal way. One of the guys tells me to tell a girl, "Those heels look sexy on you", which I do, and she plays along with the joke. I take some pictures for them and he gives me a cigarette, which I throw away because I'm trying to stop smoking while gaming. Still, it was a good sign that social momentum was in our favor, and always good to chop it up with a guy or two during the night to show myself I'm still a chill, social guy with everybody, not just with girls as I'm on the prowl.

The most memorable sets of the evening came first from a two set sitting on the ledge of a gate near a parking lot. My wing opens strongly and confidently, and his obstacle (ostensibly my target) is on the phone. I hesitate because I forget the classic line, “You’re not allowed to do that here, I’m quality control for this area, etc.” and simply watch her before I start blurting out nonsense. She takes quite well to my loud tonality and identifies herself as German and Jewish. I’m too nervous to start dropping jokes (although it would seem she was looking for one), but my wing adds enough energy to the set that they hook. A few minutes pass with general banter before we decide to leave. As we are going, I blurt out “I love you!” in a funny voice to the obstacle (my target), to which she actually says, “Really? Don’t play with my heart...” in an equally funny manner. Again, I am so shocked by the IOI I hesitate and eject, rather than doing what I should have done - kino’d and got the damn number. Next time.

The second set, which went the longest, was a drunk rich girl who approached us asking for a cigarette. We negged for a minute or so, and somehow through my loud voice (one of my strong points) she begins talking to me. It turns out she went to college in my hometown, and we begin trading war stories... my wing stands in the background and gives me the “fucking kino!” symbol, and I awkwardly hug her and twirl her a bit. We try to exchange Facebook info, which does not work, and luckily I go in for the number... and get it! She is drunk enough that I can pretty much guarantee it will flake (which it did), but it was certainly a much bigger step than I expected.

The rest of the night was slow and arduous, but I did indeed end up with five “Hi!” openers, which was my goal.

+ I completed my goal of "5" Hi's
+ Sober the entire night
+ No cigarettes
+ State was pretty stable, didn't go into depressed/scarcity mode
+ Number-close! Count it

- Fumbled with the "German/Jewish" jokes and banter
- Fumbled by not asking for the number of the German/Jewish chick, regardless of what I 'think' she would say
- Avoided 2-sets and 3-sets, which is chode bullshit
- Have to remember to say "You're not allowed to do that here" for any phone distractions
- Have to KINO KINO KINO once the set is hooked... seriously

Keep the faith and beware of darkness...

The Antihero
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