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Saturday, March 2nd, 2013

My wing brings a friend with him (who is familiar with pickup, but still in AFC mode) when we go out tonight. In the car on the way to the bars, we banter and listen to music. The friend strikes me as socially well-adjusted and funny. My state is pumped! I’m feeling good and calm. In addition, I’ve found that if I freestyle (a hobby of mine) as I’m showering and getting ready to go out, my mind is active, my state is up, and I feel more like the man on a mission. I will keep this in mind in the future.
We arrive at the first venue and as we wait in line, a chick in a mixed 2-set (with some dude, but he is clearly not her boyfriend) starts talking with us. She is SMOKING hot so of course everyone in line is watching this go down, and lo and behold, I recognize her accent as being from the same city as I grew up in... we start going back and forth and it turns out we both went to schools very close to each other. The bouncer pipes in making jokes (because clearly this girl is beginning to IOI), but more in a jovial way. The guy she is with is full-on chode and doesn’t say anything. In hindsight, I should have said, “Is this your boyfriend?” 1) to see if she was available to game and 2) The word “this” instead of “he” is a nice subtle way of controlling the frame, I think. Not to be a dick, but hey all’s fair in love and war!!

My goal, yet again, was simply 5 “Hi!” openers since I’m just easing back into the game, and learning sober game. Slow and steady wins the race, as they say. The first “hi” goes by uneventfully; the second was me breaking into my college’s “chant” with a large group wearing our jerseys after a win. There are a few dudes in the group I begin talking to, but oddly enough a girl pops up out of the group an exclaims “We like you!” to which I say, “I like you too... I love you!” as she walks away. She seems pleased, although I did not pursue her, which I should have. Later in the night, she comes back around and I kino her a bit, in fact I ‘back it up’ on her, which she laughs a bit at, although she is drunk and I am nervous, so nothing comes of it. A little bit later after that, she comes by AGAIN and this time I really try to kino her more. In the heat of the moment, I don’t notice that she actually *slaps my ass*, which a few years ago when I was drunk-gaming would have sent me on a mission, but this time I don’t even notice it, and only hesitate. In any case, that set was useful and she was damn cute, good-looking enough all my homies were impressed - I liked her style as well, minus her being wasted.

My 3rd “Hi” came from a chick in a two set who was IOI’ing the hell out of me as they walked by. I exchanged names, and it was clear she was into me, however the obstacle cockblocked and all I really got out of it was an open and some external validation. On the good side, my eye contact was strong, my feet were planted, and I kept talking as she walked.

The 4th was a seated 2-set, to which I said, “Hi! I’m just being social...” shook their hands and joked about being the maitre’d at the venue. It was chode but it was an open, and I fear seated sets, so it’s good that I did one.

5th was a girl walking by, and to my surprise, I did an oldie-but-goodie, what me and my boys used to call “head opener”, which is where you pat the girl on the head as the first thing you do! It sounds horrific like the girl would freak out, but girls love it for some reason. Obviously you have to be gentle with this thing and not overuse it, but the girls always seem to open with it, and this one did too. She responded to it as if to say “that was ballsy! I like!” although again I hesitated and didn’t have much of a response.

In between these groups, I talked to some guys in the cigarette cipher (I couldn’t quit, unfortunately... still trying though) and they were cool and funny... helped build momentum, certainly...

My biggest set of the night was a fairly hot older Blonde woman (by older I mean probably mid-30’s; I’m in my mid-20’s). I was standing by the side of the bar just kind of chilling as she walks by me rather slowly... I had noticed her and her friend before, and I guess because I had put them in “cougar” category, I was a bit more confident - cougars are ravenous for the dick. It’s a fact. I open with, “Hi! I’m Antihero!” in a very funny sort of playful tone, almost like I-know-how-ridiculous-this-sounds voice, and she buys right into it. It turns out she is from the foreign country I’m going to be studying abroad in this summer, and we ‘hit it off’. My feet stance a bit strange in the sense I opened but didn’t face her, which was a bit odd (I know Mystery says that’s a good thing, but not when she has IOI’d by hooking!), and we begin talking...

...The first mistake comes when I mention my living situation - I stumbled and said I live on the campus of my college (which I don’t, I live in an apartment across the street), making it sound like I live in a dorm. Her friend walks up and they giggle about this, but this didn’t quite sink my ship. The nail in the coffin was when I was discussing being in a band before college (which is true), and traveling with them, to which she responded, “How many conquests did you have?”

Now first, I misheard her, thinking she said, “countries” or “concerts”, and then when I realized she said “conquests”, I was like, “Uh... as in WOMEN!?” in this sort of nerdy I’ve-never-been-asked-this kind of force. She said, “Yes, I am from Europe, we are very direct.” For the next 30-40 seconds I stumbled through a plethora of answers that clearly showed I was unnerved by this question. The ironic thing about this is I indeed banged alot of chicks from the band thing and traveling (as well as boozing while gaming back in the day), but now that I’m trying this new style, I guess the old-beta-chode-mind took force for a second and made me sound like damn near a virgin to this chick!
Needless to say the set fizzled out, although I did ask for the number! She hit me with some evasive language, and it was done. No worries though, it was a great lesson!

+ Completed my 5 "Hi!" goal, in fact I exceeded it and had 7!
+ "Head opener" made an appearance!
+ State was pretty stable throughout night, actually had fun
+ Trusted in my momentum better than expected 
+ Did not drink at all! 

- Completely bottled the "conquests" line
- Got smacked on the ass and did nothing!
- Qualified myself too much to the cougar
- Smoked cigarettes... bad for training

Keep the faith, and beware the darkness...
The Antihero
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