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 Sunday, March 3rd, 2013

I get up early, excited to hit an outdoor bazaar/farmer’s market one of my wings suggests for day-game. According to him, this place is swarming with hot (like model-level) tail, so I’m ready for the challenge, however as it gets later and later in the day (the 3rd wing was quite late), and the weather is less than ideal, I begin to see this is not going to be a top-notch level target-rich day.

We arrive about 2:30pm and it is both chilly and overcast, which in California is equal to rain in other places. The venue has quite a few chicks, however not as many as my wing expects. Despite this fact, there are certainly enough roaming sets to get my 5 “Hi!” openers in. Unfortunately, I chode for a massive amount of time, at least by my standards, and I don’t get my first “Hi!” in until about an hour deep into the bazaar.

The open comes as a Latino looking woman in her late 20’s-early 30’s walks by my wing and I, and I blurt out a half-hearted “Hi!” to her. She looks for a second, and says an equally meek greeting in return without stopping. My wing and I begin laughing, and no one around seems to notice. This is a good thing because it solidifies in my head that even if you get ‘blown out’ or ‘rejected’ in public, even in the day, it is unlikely any strangers nearby will react or have anything to say about it.

My second “Hi!” opener comes from a very attractive brunette walking by as our group is heading out. I actually raise my hand up this time, and say it with a bit more force. She responds respectfully but keeps walking. With that being said, I feel better and more relaxed internally even by those two small openers.

The last set of the day comes from a group of women looking at a funny sign written on a bench for sale. I joke that I wish I had made the bench (extremely chode joke), and they chuckle a bit, but little comes of it. In any case, I count it as an open because it was a vocal attempt at being social and it was loud enough to get their attention.

We roll out to Starbucks, however there are not many sets to be had. Eventually we decide to leave, however I can feel in my body that I’d still like to open, being out in the field, and focused on pickup, even though I spent a massive amount of time this weekend choding around.

This makes me consider Tyler’s discussion of “Short-Term vs. Long-Term Mating Strategies”. Even despite the fact I did not do a MASSIVE amount of socializing, my mind was wired to focus on my state, being outwardly expressive, controlling frame, etc. all weekend. It was hard last night to focus on homework, the coming week, etc. because I was in Short-Term romp mode. In truth, I believe that this feeling only reared its head when drinking or partying the whole weekend, but now I see it is truly something that must be managed even in sober contexts, as is the case with Tyler. My mind state is a very malleable force, and depending on if my focus is internal or external, it may be hard to make the shift back to the other one.

+ Managed to not completely chode out on day game
+ Didn't simply do a "Hi!" opener, actually freestyled something situational
+ Kept state stable and positive
+ Recognized that I was in "Short-Term" mode and adjusted accordingly
+ Dealt with a new environment - a part of town I had never been to

- I let WAY too many sets pass by - could have EASILY have 5 "Hi" openers
- Waited too long to open my first set
- Perhaps should have talked to shopkeepers as well? 

Keep the faith and beware of darkness, 

The Antihero
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