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The birthday party.

My gay best friend invited me to his birthday party, which the holding at a parkour gym, which is also sweet!

I ride in the car with him and there is a solid seven sitting right next to me. It's a relevant though because I'm just there to have fun, support my gay best friend, and blast the roof off this motherfucker. Even though were just gonna exercise and do ninja stuff. I considered it a night off. I know, scary but hey, there's only one girl in the whole place.
So after you know just having chitter chatter we get to the place and oh my god were working out! I now find it soothing (and I feel really horny when doing dips for some reason).
I'm kind of ignoring the girl but just because if I do notice her I will break my neck. Parkour. I'm having a kick ass amount of fun because That's what I do haha. Then I hit that sweet spot of fun (it's not exactly state it's just a flow of fun). The problem is when I have a lot of fun I also get horny combined with working out I'm kind a really horny... But It's more important to just make sure that my best friend is having a good time. Then out of nowhere I have a tickle fight with this girl... The way she's acting around all the guys though makes me think she has a boyfriend... I don't know just feels like intuition. anyway I'm not trying to fuck her, I'm just trying to have fun :). By the end of this one hour party this shit is fucking elevated! Were fucking having a pizza party in this parkour exercise gym! I take a couple of close face pictures with her and this dude I Deemed my one-Night-wing. Then we ride home and the party has lowered. Basically 2 old people driving in the front, the gay couple in the middle, me, this girl, and my one-night-wing in the back. I need to elevate this so I start playing the nervous game for some shits and giggles. I feel an instinct, almost like an RSD Obi-Wan Kenobi appearing to me and telling me to jump from her kneecap to her VAGOINEH... And it's on like donkey Kong. She starts rubbing my dick and my one that wings mind is shattered, he is flipping out. Shit it's about to get heavy I go to put my hand down her pants and... Oh no... She has a belt on.... Fuck! game over! I'm outed! shut down!!! Then like an angel from the heavens... she starts on buckling her belt. . . Boom hands-down each other pants! I've been getting fucking a at fingering (mostly from field experience). She's trying to hold in the moans, it is very evident. She's pretty good, she's rubbing my dick in a nice way And playing with my balls. (Bazinga!). My one-night-wing is having a seizure haha. He's tries to into the action but he still a chode. so he touches my leg... He gives me a look that I know well, which is: I wanted to fuck the girl but I fucked up haha. That's the problem with one-Night-wings. the second they think they got a shot at the girl they jump on it an ruin what could have been a fun friend ship. Back to the crime scene! It's getting hot and heavy. Btw did I mention I'm having a casual conversation with all four of her friends about how I liked the parkour and I might start doing it regularly. I was serous. It is fun! The grandparents have no clue or are just fucking horrified or!! are fucking Bros :). The floodgates flooded those pants. The beautiful sound of feminine energy Bursting and exploding all over have come ;). She can barely walk. Now we Head inside for some twister! She's cuddling around me like a little puppy. No Julien reference intended haha it's actually what it looks like. after some twister I pull her in the bathroom, whip out my beautiful wild condom case and fuck her doggy style (yes her friends are tought outside, i tell her it's ok, sound proof walls and that her friends at getting cake :)). At this point though, her friends basically gave consented so I don't really think I had to give an excuse. It's just for security. Forty five minutes later she is a satisfied customer and I get a ride home with my enormous blue balls. First girl I fucked that I never kissed, hmmm... Two days ago I saw her in town with her boyfriend. Said hi, bro hugged the dude. Gave him some pointers on life and I haven't seen them again. Fun couple, aside from sleeping with his girl (as fucked up as this sounds) I think they are better off for it. He had the vibe I had, back when I was dating my ex 2 years ago, which was shock of how nice she was treating me. Makes me wonder if I was cheated on. And if so if like to thank that guy :.) I wouldn't be here with out you. After today I totally think certain people don't belong together. I get this strange smile whenever my exes are having a really good life :)

PS: I'll attach a pick of my sweet condom case. We have been through a lot together.
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