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 I put Day(s) because I went out Friday night, Saturday night, and Sunday.

My friend (and roommate) has a new dj set.  He taught me how to dj, and I love it.  Since I live in Wisconsin, I prefer to stay in all night and just play music, but no matter how good I get at it, it will not get me laid.

We decided to go out and check out this bar that hired some younger guys to dj there.  My friend stopped playing there because they weren't paying him enough, so we went to see how terrible they were.

Low and behold: I see the last girl I had sex with.  She is engaged now.  I offered to dj at their wedding.  She has been married twice and he has been married once so I wish them well.  When I saw her, I realized that the old me was somewhat desperate and didn't care.  I fucked her because I learned from Jeffy that I can only get good at fucking chicks by, fucking chicks.

It was a slow night.  I only made two more approaches and that was on her friends.  I tried to pull them back to my friend's place for an after bar but it was too late.  I need to act on first encounter.  Just fucking do it.

I went out with my same friend and his girlfriend, then another friend came out with me.  No one knows I am doing this, so when I do, I just simply tell them I am out to meet new people and make more friends. 

There was a 3-set of girls sitting at the bar, I didn't approach them because my friends were there and I was worried what they think.  Once we left, I realized that I missed out on the opportunity and I Just Don't Fucking Care.  So no matter the outcome, I am happy I approached. 

We get to the venue that had a band.  There was an old, hb8 that looked like a cracked out whore.  I approahced her the first time by giving her the claw and saying: "who the fuck are you?" she replied with "I'm a fucking hot women."  
I approached her a few more times after that.  Although she blew me out the first couple approaches, I notice her watching me later when she noticed I was having more fun than her.  By that time, I found hotter girls and just didn't care.

We left the venue to go to a bar.  I ran into a girl my Mom works with.  She was out with her friends.  One of her friends found out I just got back from Afghanistan and started to get all over my shit.  I gave her a little play, but then when I stopped and started talking to her friend she got all bitchy towards me.  Even though she was the Alpha Femal of Group (AFOG) and the hottest, she was the most insecure.  Her boyfriend came later than night: chode.

I was giving the chubby girl some advice on heath and nutrition.  Then I noticed this other cute blonde in the group, who was actually nice.  I built up a little rapport by talking about doing fitness workouts like Insanity. 

The AFOG then pulled the cute blonde hair so hard to the point where she drug her down to the ground because she wanted to go.  I felt sorry for this girl so I put my arm around her and asked if she liked her hair getting pulled and I gave it a little tug.  

I fucked up.  All I had to do was get her number.  I had to get up early the next morning.  My room is a mess.  Her friends were with her.  These are all fucking lame excuses that were going through my mind.

Granted, I was away for 6 months and I am getting back in the game, but I know I am an AFC and I am doing it right by going out and annotated what I did.  

I went out with my wing who has been doing this for two years now.  He is the one I met up with on my Day 1: Official.  We went to a mall in a different city.  It seems that it was family day and married women walk alone day.  

I did not let that stop me.  I still made a good dozen approaches and it was good training for me.

I worked on my body language and maintaining eye contact.  MAINTAIN EYE CONTACT.

I didn't get a number or instadate that day, but I got a hell of a lot of approaches in.  

I feel successful.  

No matter where I go now, I will socialize more and become an out-going person.
I feel doing this makes a person more versitile and can react well from any emotion.

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