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 Finally.  FINally.  FINALLY!!! 
I just watched Julien's blog on how writing down what you did (analyze your night out) is as important as going out and actually doing it.  I actually watched this video the day after I had my epiphany:

A few weeks ago, I joined the RSD Inner Circle Chicago.  Not too long after that, I purchased a seat at the RSD World Summit 2013.  I mentioned to my Chicago friends that I was going, and that I lived around the Madison, WI area.  Low and behold a Madison resident messaged me and I winged with him the next week.
The guy has 2 year experience.  He was giving me advice on what to say and my body language.
After about a dozen approches that night, 3 of them stick in my head: the one's I got contact informaiton from.

1. Email Address:  She has a boyfriend, but was willing to give me her email addy (non-direct).

2. Facebook name:  I did find her on facebook, but I had to either pay $1 or message her as an 'other'.  I did the other for now.

3.  Phone Number!  I texted her later on that night.  I didn't get anything back but I am just happy I got all three in one night.

Overall, what I learned is that body language is key.  I maintained eye contact and stood in one place while I stopped the girl to talk to her.  I learned a lot from my new wingman, and I plan on pushing him as much as he pushed me.  I was on a natural high for the rest of the night and am finally glad I had someone come out with me and correct what I was doing wrong.  
And I did not let any rejection discourage me; rather, I was happy I got the approach and had fun with it.
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It's one of the keys, not the key. And even then, you can fake your body language until you make it or you can grow from within. Your body language is an expression of why you are on the inside. On the other hand, its kind of interesting. A 'beta' body language can also be a stubborn habit while you might already have changed from the inside.. but this is more in the 'transaction phase'. With the transaction phase I mean that period from being not the man you really are... to the man you really are. Confidence from the inside, hapiness from within and all that jazz..

Just some food for thought. Don't look for 'keys' because in the end, everything is equally important. Atleast it is, in the big picture. 
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Anthony John

Anthony John

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You are right BreakingGood.  
What I learned that day/night was to be clear in my intent.  So approaching a girl I was actually attracted to helped do just that.  Another thing is to work on my speach - to speak slowly and clearly.
Doing all of this and what you have mentioned will help me let out the man I really am: my best self.

Thanks for taking the time and giving me advice BreakingGood.
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