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 To all who read this, this is my background and story of how and why I got into the game and into pua.

I was raised as a religious person and while I had previously read the game 5 years ago, I started thinking about my lack of having a relationship and attraction to girls. I deecided I woul look up the pua forums and I was lucky to find the Perth forum (where I am loccated). I decided to start gaming even though I was still religious, which became a very internal battle for me to try and pick up women and not sleep with them. [some may say that I missed the point} I feel that I wanted to improve interactions with people, even though I have confidence to talk with the majority of people comforatbly.  I felt intimidated by good looking women, in the sense that I didnt and still in some ways, dont feel worthy. This is one of my new goals, to not give a fuck (which I currently don't). 

So back four years ago, I felt the pressure of having to approach, likea  hazing process that came with being new. I didnt find a mentor, which I felt hindered me but now I just learn off new people. I had massive approach anxiety with sets as I didnt want to take it too far. Eventually I left the pua scene and focussed on my career. [which basically means as the time I didnt want to force through the time and made an excuse]

Fast forward to now (4 years later).
I went into the Perth forum and rejoined conversations etc. Had a mentor offer, but I didnt feel like they had the experience to have me pay for their service.I went to a meet and greet (held every week luckily) I had small obstacles to overcome to attend my first one, but I found the scene had changed andI was/am excited to be out there and sarge with fellow brothers to improve myself. 

I was told by one pua that I should practise routines, among other things and I felt that most of the information I already knew previously. I disagree that I need to learn routines, I think I need to learn some processes, yes, but not so much routines or things to say etc. I feel that RSD is more suited to develop the whole person, beyond gaming...that I can be a better human being which can  lead me to more happiness and reaching goals.

Thank you all for making this available to me. I look forward to meeting others, conversating and hopfully one day to be like some of the elite and train others like myself, who currently dream of the lifestyle they want for themselves and are yet to workout how to achieve it.

Let the Annihilation begin.
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